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Destiny 2 "s latest black Armory update included the Gofannon build to the game. In this guide, we"ll phone call you just how to situate it and also build the simple Sniper Rifle Frame.

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1) gain Stolen black Armory gear from fallen enemies: You can literally uncover Fallen anywhere, yet it may be useful to go to the start of the Scourge of the past raid if you"re unsure whereby to look. Fallen will drop the gear, which girlfriend then require to Ada-1 in the brand-new section the the Tower.


To start your search toward unlocking the Gofannon Forge, watch for part Stolen black Armory equipment on fallen enemies.Bungie/Activision/Destiny travel guide
YouTube2) Gather extr tained Gear: This step calls for you come kill much more Fallen but with precision kills this time. Grab her favorite Hand Cannon or Sniper and also head everywhere you can find Fallen. A great starting allude is the Trostland in the EDZ. Usage the area chin or the surrounding shed Sectors to score some kills.

3) Needle in the Tangled Shore: go to the Tangled Shore and also take the equipment to Spider. He tells you to finish the Cryo-pod Heroic and get 75 please melee kills. Come beat the Heroic, do your method to the thieves Landing landing allude right by Spider. For the melee kills just repeat what you"ve been doing and go to areas where please are most likely to reside.

4) Scourge that the Armory: after that"s done, go see Spider again to start a pursuit in the Winding Cove. You"ll must be roughly 620 strength to get everything done, so some extra grinding may be required. Luckily, we have an updated overview to help you out with that. All you must do is walk to the marked Lost Sectors and take the end the bosses therein. You deserve to do the solo if you"re well-equipped, however a team is most likely preferable.

5) Siviks" shipment Note: once you finish that, the next step is to walk to Nessus to intercept part high-value Captain targets. High-value targets are called bosses with yellow-bar health. You deserve to do this step everywhere Captains spawn, yet one ar is in ~ Exodus Black. Be conscious that girlfriend may need to wait a small while for the target come spawn. When it does, death it.


Siviks" delivery Note calls for you to death a called yellow-bar Captain.Bungie/Activision/Destiny guides
YouTube6) The Cistern, Arcadian Valley: The following quest step from Spider entails going to a significant Lost Sector, killing its boss and also scanning the gear inside.

7) one more Lost Forge: go to Artifact"s edge to find the Forge. Death the bullet-sponge boss and return to Ada-1 to totally unlock the Gofannon Forge. You"ll likewise have the alternative of getting a Sniper Rifle Frame, which is basically the exact same process you may have used because that the maker Gun Frame. If you"re unsure what we"re talking about, we have a guide for that as well.


YouTubeThat"s all you need to know to gain into the Gofannon Forge. We"ll be earlier with more tips as the secrets of the black color Armory continue to unfold.

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Destiny 2 is accessible now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Gofannon create is to exclude, to black color Armory and also the yearly Pass.

Were girlfriend able to locate the Gofannon Forge and also finish Sivik"s distribution Note? Tell united state in the comment section!