One of the factors why so countless Apple iphone users room trading in your smartphones in exchange because that Android tools is because it eliminates the need for iTunes once transferring music and also other files. ITunes is frequently confusing and challenging to use, particularly for newcomers, however the Android operating system attributes a straightforward drag and drop mechanism that’s compatible straight through windows or Mac. This week, we’re walking to show you just how easy it is to transfer files in between a computer and also the Nexus 5 smartphone.

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Windows Computers

To transfer files in between a windows computer and also the Nexus 5, affix your an equipment to the computer system using a USB cable. Some individuals may notification a display screen prompt asking them to pick a USB connection for the device. If you notice this screen, choose Media an equipment (MTP).

Using the paper transfer window, you deserve to simply drag and also drop files to and from her Nexus 5 — simply like any type of other external storage device. If you have actually photos top top your device that you wish to deliver to your home windows computer, choose them and either drag, cut, or copy them to your computer. I m really sorry if you were expecting more, however that’s all it bring away to deliver files between a windows computer and the Nexus 5!

Mac Computer

To transfer files between a Mac computer and the Nexus 5, girlfriend must an initial download and install Android file Transfer (it’s free). As soon as installed, open up Android file Transfer and also connect your Nexus 5 to her Mac via the USB cable. Again, pick Media device (MTP) if you get the prompt on your screen.

Transferring files between a Mac and also Nexus 5 is precisely the same as previously mentioned, v the only exception being the forced Android document Transfer program. V Android file Transfer open, you have the right to drag and also drop records from your Nexus 5 to your Mac or vise-versa.

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Troubleshooting move Problems

If you followed the procedures mentioned above and can’t still can’t it seems ~ to carry files, shot using a various USB cable. Plug the USB cable right into a camera or some various other external maker to check out if that works. If the cable functions on a different maker but no your Nexus 5, the problem might be software program related. In this case, inspect to make sure your Nexus 5 is to run the latest version of Android (current variation is 4.4.4). As a critical ditch measure, girlfriend can call Google or LG’s customer support for assistance.