I've gained a scorpion recently, however hes reasonably weak and also I don't want to reveal him come the threats of ark.

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I have greats plans for him, but I don't know how to tame v him... So: carry out I simply pound my spike into the point I desire to tame? OR I simply Hit the tame target and also use Hit and Run Strats?


Since the nerf to the quantity of torpor a scorpion does it has actually made the harder to usage one because that taming. Uneven you have actually a fight scorp that has actually quite a little bit of HP, i would suggest hit and run tactic. It's walking to take a while, specifically for bigger dinos, to take one down. Your ideal bet is to either obtain a gun and tranq darts or a bow/crossbow and also tranq arrows to tame nowadays.

Do scorpion trained Dino's not begin with a greater taming effectiveness? ns was under the impression you had to use a scorp to gain a 99% or higher initial TE.

Unless they adjusted it, ns don't think the poison stacks. So basically ya require to attack every 10 seconds. So operation n poke would certainly be ideal. As others said, tranq darts or arrows is probly an ext ideal.

I was told hp is an ext important than dmg top top a taming scorpion. An extra 20 secs from some extra stings is better than obtaining trapped and also losing a high dmg scorpion.

I have a load of 4 Scorpions the I use for taming. They have actually high health and also attack damage since torpor result is ~300% the melee damages dealt, which uses over 10 seconds. Because of that, castle tank the larger target (I use different scorpions depending upon the target's fragility) while i sit earlier and fire through Tranq Arrows from mine Crossbow. Just trained a Carno this morning pretty conveniently with this tactic.

get her scorpion up to over 1000% melee damage and you can drop a heavy target in simply a few hits but you have to hit and also tank or hit and run 10 secs of torp acquire makes that slow. Of food if you want to tame dilos, dodos, ovi, ptera, or anything else that has really short torp you deserve to 1 shot castle all. Raptors are easy as well but every little thing you do never hit one alpha raptor and think her scorpion have the right to hang v a primitive saddle. Scorpions take it a the majority of damage and also their direct damage output is not very high.

I have actually a scorpion army and also what I execute is boost their assault to a minimum that 500% (and keep raising it after this point because it help tons), and also then buff up your health. And also it helps to increase their rate a bit because you'll be doing some running with it.

You use hit and run strategy prefer with (cross)bow and arrows. Struggle the dino, scurry far from the currently angry dino, then hit that again after 10 seconds. Once you start obtaining high melee damages on her scorpion, weaker dinos start going under in just 1~2 hits.

At 1k% melee damage, scorpions really start being useful. I managed to knock out a T-Rex with my scorpion who has actually 1.1k% melee damage and over 1k health.

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