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3 exactly how to view and also check the Ping and also FPS in PUBG quickly – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Through the complying with guide will display you View and check the Ping and also FPS in PUBG easily – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds . This way you can emphasis on to obtain the best performance top top this well-known game.

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How see and check the Ping and FPS in PUBG conveniently – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

What you are the ping?

The table describes latency that is in a link , specifically relates to delayed packets. This latency is specifically the time the takes to transmit information from your computer system to the location network. This measure is excellent in millisecond The lower, the much better the connection in between your computer and also the server.

When the hold-up is as well high, it creates the feeling called “lag” and in extreme cases is unplayable. The criter for the ping space varied, and also even, that is encourage to have a reduced ping to 200. In fact, always looking to have actually the shortest score, being a reduced latency to 100ms together recommended.

Given this, the is necessary to take certain steps to boost PUBG ping or any kind of other game. Note that likewise can view and download the Ping in Fortnite. Similarly, the is very recommended the you have thought about FPS PUBG.

What is FPS?

The recommendation FPS Frames per second, i beg your pardon in Spanish equates as frames every second. As is as indicated, FPS framerate are shown on our screens. This directly connected in the sense of flow if we’re playing.


To screen the ping will need to start PUBG, go to the settings, then walk to Jugabilidad. As soon as in “Gameplay”, look for the or alternative “Statistics network debugging” similar and activate it. In the occasion that go not show up or have the game in English, search for “Debug Network Statistics”.

Apply the settings and also close the options. After ~ doing this you will notice that at the height left of her screen, ping details is displayed. Return it will certainly be displayed in part versions the the video game in the bottom left.

Check the FPS in PUBG

show FPS on her computer, girlfriend will must download one application, in this recommend if FRAPS. girlfriend can get FRAPS straight from your net site, after downloading and install install it and also run it and also FPS must be shown on the screen.

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On the various other hand, if girlfriend play respond to Strike worldwide Offensive, friend can additionally Show FPS in CSGO v ease. In fact, we recommend being really aware of the FPS in every of your games.