Due come storms and also other shorts the can take place in a home, that is important to have actually circuit protectors, AFCI’s or GFCI’s or both. AFCI’s space Arc fault Circuit Interrupters and GFCI’s are Ground error Circuit Interrupters. These circuit breakers must be tested every month, to prevent fires in the home. How do girlfriend reset the circuit breaker with the test button? We will look in ~ the measures to check these circuit breakers listed below as they differ slightly.

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Let’s take it a look in ~ why you have to know how to reset circuit breakers with test button, the difference between AFCI’s and also GFCI’s, the measures to testing them, difficulties with GFCI Recall and also FPE Panels, checking breakers and aluminum wiring, other locations to examine out, and when to call a professional.

Why You need to Know how to Reset Circuit Breaker with Test Button

Each year there are over 30,000 house fires that start because of an Arc Fault. Avoidance is key. Testing the circuit breakers every month is the way to carry out this and keep your home safe. Why? it is far better to discover out through you trial and error them that they room not working before a fire happens. If the breakers won’t remain in “reset” mode then you recognize you have a bad circuit breaker.

Following the steps listed below will assist you uncover out as soon as the circuit breakers prevent working for this reason you deserve to fix them appropriate away!

Two varieties of Circuit Breaker Protectors:

AFCI’s and GFCI’s


AFCI breakers room necessary because Arc Faults can cause fires once the wires room damaged or cracked, stressed, or overheated.

Sometimes the wires room pierced or pinched.

2. AFCI’s will shut down the electrical energy when one Arc error occurs and also protects against electrical fires and also hazards.

3. Uncovered in business panels

4. Required in kitchens, to wash rooms, and almost every circuit in the home


Introduced in the 1970s and have saved countless lives together they stop electrocutions and electrical fires. Soil faults can cause fires since of leaking existing or electricity and can shock or electrocute someone. GFCI’s protect against this.

Protect against electrical shocks by shutting turn off the strength if over there is sensing of a soil fault.

2. Discovered usually in outlets

3. Commonly seen in exterior and bathroom areas, kitchen countertops, wash rooms and also utility rooms.

How to check AFCI Breakers

If you have your computer system on and also plugged in, save anything you space working on. Leaving this and also all the lamp on in the house.Go come the electrical panel i beg your pardon is in your garage or basementThe breaker should be in the “on” position. Press down ~ above the AFCI “Test” buttonThis should cause the breaker to move to the “OFF” or center “TRIP” position, if there is one.If the breaker trips, climate the AFCI is working. If not, climate it is no working and also you need to contact a professional.

How to test GFCI Breakers through Reset Circuit Breaker test Button

Start with pushing down ~ above the “Reset” buttonPlug in a lamp and also the light have to be onPress under on the “Test” button and the light must go offPush the “Reset” switch again and the light should be onIf you press “Test” button and also it doesn’t turn off the light, contact a professional to fix the GFCI.

It is encourage to have actually both AFCI’s and GFCI’s in the home.

Problems through GFCI Recall and also FPE Panels

Checking to watch if metal box grounded

Other locations to inspect Out

Metal crate Grounded

Now the you know that your breakers are all working, make sure that the steel box is grounded. This is package that is within of the drywall behind the outlet plate. You deserve to use a pigtail tester and also see if the metal box is grounded.

It is important because if over there is a surging in electricity, it deserve to go whereby it wants to and also cause electrocution or death. However, if the metal box is grounded, climate the electrical existing will also stay grounded and also that keeps anyone safe.

While you space there checking the outlet, watch to watch if it is tamper resistant. The plastic hat don’t job-related to keep little hands out of them so a tamper-resistant outlet is important. Also if friend don’t have actually children, you never know if a tiny one will certainly be at her house. The is always much better to it is in safe 보다 sorry.

When to speak to a Professional

Call a professional if you uncover that you have a bad circuit breaker, or want to install GFCI or AFCI circuit breakers. Also, if you nothing know how to test them and also need assistance, they are trained to help you!


GFCI’s and AFCI’s are much more advanced and also protect you more than a continuous circuit breaker. The is important to have these in her home and also functioning correctly. Think around replacing regular circuit breakers in your house with these so your family members stays safe. Testing them around once a month is a an excellent idea to ensure they are doing their job.

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We will check your circuit breakers when we perform a Four suggest Inspection or a home inspection in Clermont, Orlando, and also Villages areas. Think you can need our services? Comment below!