So because that a good amount the teim currently whenever anyone here"s around a randomized pokemon game they questioning if they deserve to play that on your ds and also there hasn"t been a way(that I"m aware of) but reasonably recently homebrew has become obtainable for a lot more ppl and with homebrew you have the right to play roms.... That means you can play randomized pokemon roms! I can not find any tutorials on this with a fast internet find so i think I might be among the very first ppl to show this off! So right here is what you will certainly need...

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Your 3DS on variation 9.0.0 v 9.9.0(I think those were the versions....) and its SD card

YouTube set up on your ds

An average understanding of computers

A computer system with the complying with things....

The ability to placed in her SD card

The capability to install a the majority of stuff

Winrar or something to unzip files


And the plz comment if ns say u need during to tutorial however didn"t to speak it there

So this will certainly be in sections and in actions as this is usually a tutorial because that a ton of various things you would require a tutorial because that so if u already have or did something u have the right to just skip ideal over it


1) take out your sd card

A relatively easy and self explanatory


2)put it into your computer

as soon as again... Simple step

3) do a folder on her desktop

To do this girlfriend will need to right

click on your desktop and go

down to "new" then "Folder"

you have the right to name it everything you

want. I will certainly be specify name it


go to the site with the download link

Download the starter kit

5)unzip the file

Winrar must open increase the record it

will look choose this....


friend will press extract to.....

save it to the folder friend made...


Send the folder to her sd...

you now have the records you need

to run homebrew!

6) put your sd earlier into her system

safe eject her sd card

put it back into your console

If the was not off b4 you put it

earlier in, reset her console

7) enter system settings(this is a multi step multi action step)

go to internet settings...


link settings...


choose your key connection...


push start and it will leave the

routine that is how it works for

almost all of the apps and also games

and the entire program

If all operated correctly you are officially a.... Hombrewer? Does that work? Idk but that method you have the right to go top top the nxt step!

Now i fiercely introduce if you have actually iron loss you download iron hax for this reason you can do that offline!


1) make a folder choose before and also call it everything you want

2)so we are going to download the emulator because that homebrew

go to

#list" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener">

From there go under to the

applications and go come gameyob

and press the download link and

Download the .zip file...

Unzip the to her folder

3) placed it onto your sd

Take the end your sd and also put that into

her computer

open the source of your sd

You must see a folder labled

"3ds" put game yob right into that

folder when ever you obtain any

Applications you will placed it in

the folder...

3) put ago on your sd card and make shure it works

safely eject Sd then open back

increase homebrew the same means as


If it all functions you have the right to now beat a great amount that GB and GBC games on her 3ds without having actually to pay for it ~ above the eshop and you have a much much better selection of games! The compatability perform is on the applications list ok provided the link for previously in mine tutorial thingy lol, talking about roms...

««««««««Downloading the Roms»»»»»»»»»

1) the course do a folder lol

2) recognize the Rom

I favor to usage emparidise but you

have the right to use any kind of website

The Rom will be the exact same as a

computer system rom....

3) download it

simply do it

4) put file into your folder and/or sd

friend will require it on your

computer system to randomize the but

It"s your an option if you want to

play the plain rom if you carry out you

should additionally copy it to the sd

when ever before you please

That is the easiest part so if you can do this one over there is not much reason to feeling extra good bout your self but that doesn"t typical you should feel bad around your me if girlfriend can"t.... If you can"t its most likely my fault.....XP

««««««««««««Randomize it»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»

1) make a brand-new folder again lol

2)go come

go to downloads and press the

"Get that by click here!" link and also it

will download

3) unzip the files

use your unzipping regimen to

Unzip the files

4) open up the randomizer

This is wherein you will require java

appropriate click and press open with

Then pick java

The randomizer will certainly look like


You have actually now efficiently downloaded and also ran the universal randomizer! currently I know I was an extremely vague top top this one however that was because of the sheer amount of tutorials for this

«««««««how to usage the randomizer»»»»»»»

1) open up Rom

press "open" Rom...

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choose the Rom the the

Pokemon video game you chose....

2) choose wot girlfriend want! There room a ton of different settings to mess with! If friend scroll over it, it speak you wot it is

3) after ~ you have actually picked every thing you desire you can save the Rom as wot ever before you want as long as girlfriend remember the name

«««««««««««playing the game»»»»»»»»»»»»

1) that is time.... To play.... THE GAAAAAMMMEEHHH..... Ok so an initial we need to put our randomized Rom top top the sd first in the source of the sd we will make a folder referred to as "roms"