PAGE CONTENT:Part 1. How to relocate Overwatch to one more drivePart 2. Just how to move Overwatch indigenous one pc to another

Part 1. Just how to Move Overwatch to another Drive/SSD

Scenario: "I am the end of room on my C: drive, how do I relocate my Blizzard video game Overwatch come a brand-new hard drive, so i have enough room for my device drive?"

The key reason that you might want to perform something prefer said over is her C drive is running the end of space, or you"ve acquired a new HDD or SSD, and also you want to relocate the video game to indigenous one tough drive to another to boost the computer system performance and increase video game loading speed.

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When you need to readjust Overwatch location, you have actually no an option but come uninstall and reinstall. However, this is not what numerous users want. Due to the fact that the game records are enormous and the net speed is an extremely slow, it will take a lengthy time come redownload. Can you relocate Overwatch to SSD or to one more HDD there is no reinstalling?

Yes, here comes the simplest method to assist you move Overwatch come a different drive without start problem. Whilst we additionally cover an ext guides for delivering Overwatch indigenous one pc to an additional in part 2. Click to watch details.

1. Move Overwatch come SSD without Re-installation Quickly

To migrate Blizzard gamings to a various drive, such as move WOW to an additional drive, you can use Todo PCTrans. This easy pc transfer software application helps you transport your data, applications, and also account settings from one computer to an additional in one click.





2. Move Overwatch to another Drive by Re-downloading

If you want to move Overwatch come a various drive manually, inspect the overview below.

Step 1. start Battle.Net Launcher. Click "Overwatch" > select "Options", climate click "Show in Explorer".

Step 2. go to the installation location of Overwatch. Move the folder to the target drive v copy-and-paste. After that, you should correct the location in the launcher.

Step 3. The Battle.Net Launcher will certainly assume the game has to be uninstalled. So, you should click the "Install" button and readjust the installation location. Wait patiently until the process finishes.


With the assist of an external device, this manual way also can be used to move Overwatch native one computer to another. However we all understand that as soon as we install an application, a lot of registry associated data is created to various locations ~ above the C drive. Moving video game folders manually does no guarantee the the copied application have the right to run properly because some it is registered data is missing. Therefore, we recommend you usage the much easier and more secure technique by using a computer migration tool.

Part 2. How to Move Overwatch to an additional PC

Scenario: "My friend desires to play Overwatch during the totally free weekend, but his net is too sluggish to download it during the weekend. So my question is, exactly how do I copy my files and also transfer them come his computer. "

Except because that the require of moving Overwatch from one drive to another, users like the one in the above scene intend to transport the video game from one pc to another. Then, exactly how to do it quick without re-installing? Todo PCTrans provides two choices for you to transfer files from old computer to brand-new PC in home windows 10/8/7.

PC to PC: affix two Windows pcs by neighborhood area network, and also transfer files, apps, and accounts indigenous one pc to another.Image Transfer: as soon as you don"t have a network, you can use the function to make pictures of files, folders, and programs ~ above the resource PC, and transfer come the target device. See how to paper transfer from pc to pc via USB.

The guide listed below shows you how to transport Overwatch indigenous one pc to one more via the network. If you favor migrating games by creating photo and recovering, click to check out the file transfer there is no the internet. 

Step 1. Run Todo PCTrans top top both PCs

On the resource PC, pick "PC come PC" ~ above the main screen of Todo PCTrans and move on.


Step 2. Connect 2 computers

1. Select your target computer to connect via its IP attend to or maker name and click "Connect".

2. Go into the login password of your target PC and click "OK" come confirm.

If friend didn"t see the target computer in the detailed devices, friend can also click "Add PC" to manually connect the target pc by keying its IP deal with or machine name.

3. Collection the carry direction - "Transfer indigenous this pc to other PC" and also click "OK" to continue.

Step 3. Select apps, programs, and software and also transfer come the target computer

1. Click "Edit" ~ above the applications section, climate you deserve to open up the applications list.

Then you can select and also choose what you desire to deliver from the current computer system to the target PC.

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2. After picking desired applications and also programs, click "Finish" come confirm.

At last, click "Transfer" to begin the transporting process. 

Conclusion Todo PCTrans provides you an extensive solutions to copy installed programs. You have the right to follow the guide in component 1 to move Overwatch native one journey to an additional HDD or SSD without reinstalling again. If you setup to migrate the video game from one pc to another, review content in component 2. If you encounter any kind of problems throughout the process, you can call our technical support help via live chat or email.