Serving objectives from scrapbooks come interior style plans, atmosphere boards space equal parts utilitarian style tool and also frivolous aesthetic patchwork. In the past, mood boards are scraps of file and shade swatches pinned or pasted come a bulletin board. Social media platforms favor Pinterest and also Tumblr have now digitized the the atmosphere board format towards multimedia collages that have the right to be mutual online.


Creating a tradition mood plank can aid you interact visual ideas, color pallets, and design concepts much more easily than message descriptions. You have the right to brainstorm intuitive motifs, collection the tone for decoration, setting, or experience, and share her vision with others. Here"s some usual reasons why people make mood boards:

Fashion atmosphere board: present outfit principles or format inspiration v a fashion collageInterior design: Come up with what a room, bookshelf, or room might look likeEvent planning: acquire ready because that a wedding, party, or endure with unifying ideas to match the decorations and also activities.Brand kit: plan an aesthetic strategy for a marketing campaign or company identityCollaboration: job-related with a freelancer or designer by interacting what you want an calculation to look and feel likeSocial media inspiration: inspire yourself and others by brainstorming cool creative concepts

If you"re searching for a totally free online mood board creator, ns recommend using"s Studio."s Collage machine lets friend arrange images, shade patches, textures, photos, icons, text, and more on a freeform digital canvas. You deserve to copy/paste pictures, GIFs, and videos from roughly the web, which makes it easier to use than Photoshop or various other heavy-weight computer system programs. is no an app, yet it functions on any form of call or tablet computer browser.

Here"s exactly how to produce a mood board:

Brainstorm shade pallet and anchor imagesOpen digital canvasCollect digital assets: pictures, GIFs, icons, text, emojis, and also shapesArrange layersExport and share likewise has free mood board templates because that a head start.

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Step 1: Brainstorm shade pallet and also anchor images

A mood board regularly starts out through a color pallet and/or a few anchor images. Browse v Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, or Google photos Search to get some vague ideas for what you can create your mood board around. You can likewise check the end the website Coolors for color pallets ideas.

Step 2: open up Digital Canvas

To gain started, head end to and click "Start Editing" to enter the Studio. From here, you can start structure your tradition mood plank from scratch.

Choose a size.

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If you desire a little of a head start, v pre-formatted mood board-style architecture layouts, you have the right to use one of our 3 mood plank templates to begin creating your practice design. One is formatted through a square aspect ratio, perfect for hanging ~ above a wall, posting top top Instagram, or share on Facebook. One is 8.5:11, the exact aspect ratio of printer paper, in instance you desire to add it come a scrapbook or wall art. The last theme is 9:16, the ideal facet ratio because that Instagram posts and phone lockscreens.


Step 3: collect digital assets

Bring all the multimedia assets onto the canvas the you want to place in her mood board. Drag and also drop pictures and screenshots. Copy and paste GIFs, PNGs, and JPG files. Include text layers with custom font and type in text snippets.


From looking over example mood plank online, we"ve observed a few common trends from There are a couple of design principles you need to follow:

Switch up her shapes. Not all your pictures should it is in square or rectangular, and also they shouldn"t every be parallel or perpendicular to the frame. Mix it up v circles, ovals, rounded rectangles, and also diagonal arrangements.

Every element of her board can be built with just a few clicks.

To upload photos from your machine or find the web for pictures, click "Images" in the top toolbar. To include your favorite quotes, phrases, or poetic lines, click "Text" and make a message box v custom font, style, color, size, arrangement, and shadow or glow effect. Because that shape and border elements, click "Elements" from the optimal menu and experiment with different shapes, styles, and also colors.

Step 4: Arrange

Once they"re uploaded to the Studio, you can crop, resize, adjust, rotate, flip, and include borders to your pictures.

Step 5: Export and share

When you"re excellent assembling and also editing her mood board, simply click the red Export switch in the top right corner and will process your job in just a pair seconds. Once it"s ready, click "Download" top top the best side of the page and also your project will it is in saved directly to her device. When it"s saved, you have the right to upload that for any kind of purpose: a wall decoration, Pinterest pin, computer system wallpaper, phone call lockscreen, Instagram post, Twitter header.


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