Star Trek: Armada III begins with the very first stirrings of the dominion War and permits players to take command that five distinctive factions, the unified Federation the Planets, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, the Cardassian Union/Dominion Alliance, and the Borg Collective. Check out strange brand-new worlds, seek out new life and brand-new civilizations, and boldly go wherein no one has actually gone before.

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A quick video clip guide on exactly how to install many mods for sins that a solar empire.

Posted by MindwipeUK on Dec 29th, 2013 - simple Installers

NB This accuse is specifically for Star Trek Armada 3.Nonetheless the priciple applies to many if no all sins modsAlways read the README.txt file with any mod first.

There is a common pest within guilty of a Solar realm that v some mods the in game function to allow a mode wont work. Come combat this alot of mod Dev teams incorporate a file and instructions to manually allow their mod prior to you start the game.

Join Cpt Shack as he briefly explains how to install a mod for sins manually utilizing Star Trek Armada 3 mode as one example


How can"t human being know exactly how to download this after reading the readme? (If lock don"t review it, it"s your god cursed fault)

This to be my first Sins mod. In defense that the stupids (some anyway) I would have very first guessed to placed the mod in the vapor location. This was not the case. You still put the mode in the My games location whether you have the game on steam or not.

I review the readme! It didnt say anything particularly about heavy steam though therefore I assumed i essential to compensate.


If it to be a perfectly an excellent readme it would tell me the variation i essential for the mod to work, the version isen´t mentioned so ns don´t know if that dosen´t work due to the fact that of the variation or due to the fact that i unpacked the zip incorrectly. It can be anything because that all ns know.

Well for some factor I"m downloading and install a .exe right now, so that adds inquiries that space yet unanswered.

We"re extremely lazy, and we desire to hear it and also see that so we don"t have to read it.

Plus there"s the old preeminence of show is usually much better than tell.

Some civilization might be brand-new to the whole modding thing and also litterly has actually no idea what to do. So avoid being such a smartass just because it"s apparent to you.

the trouble for me is that once I down fill the mod its not even in a zipped form. It just sends me in circles in between downloading it and also searching the web. Ns really desire to shot this mod. Currently I am utilizing a mirror due to the fact that when I shot and download the from the main my virus scan blocks it and I just don"t want to take a chance.

I really would favor to acquire this mode and shot it, the mode looks amazing. I thank you for her time to review this.

When i unzip the document with winzip I placed it or perhaps it put itself, i don"t remember together its to be a few days. I open up my docs, uncover the folder, open the folder and also I should find the readme? Right? I check out the armada 3 document and a windows x64 tools document but no readme. So much I have not uncovered the readme in either of those folders. Where have I gone wrong?

I also followed the video above and also still pack rebellion rather than A3 v steam.

Finally obtained it installed. I can play single player now yet can no play tutorials, I obtain an file error then a crash. Any thoughts?

I ran the .exe and also let it install the mod to the video game directory but when I run the game it operation the vanilla, no mod. Just how do non heavy steam users install this mod?

For me, the original Sins of A Solar empire Rebellion mounted to mine AppData/Local/Ironclad games Sins the A Solar Empire. Ns don"t have any type of of the other folders you"ve mentioned in the video. Nothing is the same and I"m using Windows 7. No mods installs.

I can"t uncover a readme. I"ve installed the exe but no record to open to pat it... The video above wasn"t helpful as that talked about reading the readme (no readme found) and also playing the video game once before following his instructions (cant discover a file to pat it)... Help!

I"m guessing the the mod course is incorrect. If your Sins is increase to day with your variation then the default route for this mod can be slightly different than her in game settings path.

Ie, mine said "C:UsersyournameDocumentsmy gamesIronclad GamesSins of a Solar empire RebellionMods-Rebellion v1.82" in game yet the course it want to install too was "C:UsersyournameDocumentsmy gamesIronclad GamesSins the a Solar empire RebellionMods-Rebellion v1.80" the last component "v1.80" is different, I readjusted it come my video game path "v1.82" and also all was Trekie ;-)

I can"t gain it come work. Download SoaSE: Rebellion a main ago. I have Windows 8.1. Then ran the STA3_V10_INSTALL.exe. And also the Hotfix after the (without checking if it to be needed). Nothing. Still simply original Sins that starts.

In the "Mods-Rebellion v1.80" folder over there is a folder dubbed "Installer test" v a success.txt, so ns assume the worked?

Checked the choices in game. Yet it looks because that mods in the "Mods-Rebellion v1.82" folder, not the "Mods-Rebellion v1.80". Ns assume I have to switch this around or something?

ok so i do every little thing the check out me claims C; drive/ users/ "my user" / i do not have AppData or anything after so i dont know what come do

I THINK due to the fact that THE new 1.82 ...+ readjust IT NO longer WORKS. Mounted .exe, extract hotfix, to update 2gb... IT reflects MOD noted ON mod SECTION enabled BUT has actually NOT changed THE INTERFACE.

got the exact same problem!! no changing in the interface. However it mirrors as enabled??anyone currently figured out how to acquire it come work??

How execute I get sins to work after uninstalling this mod. To be an amazing mod and used to let me pat with other mods yet now it has taken over my Sins..... I have fully removed sins and all the mode directories and also everything and it still comes up through this mod on.... Please aid if anyone knows just how to deal with it. Has ruined my guilty by crashing anytime I shot to do anything aside from play Star Trek.

Hello CPT SHACK IS STAR TREK ARMADA 3 THE MOD and THE video game is actually SIN of A SOLAR empire REBELLION YOU mode TO right . IF SO i can acquire me a copy of sins OF A SOLAR empire REBELLION then pack the STAR TREK ARMADA 3 MAD and kick the BORS ***** lol . Give YOU suitable WHAT ns WILL carry out maybe you will like to shot that because that fun perhaps START together THE FED be ply one player versus the BORG but have THE KLIGON ANS ROMULAN STAR realm so regarding keep the BORG busy . But I ILL shot TO LIKE record A ROMULAN develop SHIP and also KLIGON BUILDSHIP and buIld your stuff . THEN ns WILL have actually MY TITON and the ROMULAN one and KICK the BORGS *** and try o accomplish that all myself oh what fun . ALSO shot this check out if it functions THE INTREPID class IS ANTI BORG I would certainly HAVE in between 14 and also 21 OF lock JANE way AS one of THEM her INTREPID and also THE AKIRIA IS ANTIBORG HAVE between 14 and also 21 of THEM kick the BORGS *** and then finish off the ROMULANSANS and also THE KLINGONS. Anyways jusy my thought SEE IF THAT works .

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i download star trek armada 3 and also got it working, yet it just works because that a few minutes prior to it sends me back to my vapor home page. As soon as I downloaded it that didn"t also have a file. Has it to be edited or is there anything rather I require for it.