Eye of Azshara is a doyourpartparks.org in civilization of Warcaft (WOW) whose entrance is located in Azsuna top top the continent of The damaged Isles in the civilization of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this doyourpartparks.org is 100+. The instance was released in the Legion expansion. The instance was exit in the Legion expansion. The doyourpartparks.org has 5 bosses. The end boss the Eye the Azshara is Wrath of Azshara.

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This doyourpartparks.org deserve to be play at normal, heroic and mythic levels.

Back before Legion was officially released, Blizzard brand "Eye that Azshara" leading civilization to think that it was the new expansion name and also that the key anagonist is the legendary Queen Azshara. Because that those no in the know, Queen Azshara is a Night Elf that lived countless years ago. Azshara to be none for she beauty and also her rule. It was she allegiance through the burn Legion that added in large part come the Sundering, as soon as the world damaged into various continents. The Queen appeared as a boss in fine of Eternity yet cannot be killed, saving her later. Ago then she to be a Night Elf however as Lore has it, she is currently a Naga.

The end boss is Wrath of Azshara which happily for those who"d love the Queen come a final development boss, this is no her. The Wrath is a minion of hair which leader to speculation that somewhere under the expansion line, Queen Azshara will certainly appear, hopefully as a Raid end boss and also not some tiny doyourpartparks.org boss, that won"t perform her legend any kind of justice.

The doyourpartparks.org is set in open room as protest to being in a structure such together Karazhan. Its also set on a coastline with water and also land come trudge through. It is among the an initial doyourpartparks.orgs you get to suffer at 110. The main antagonists in this doyourpartparks.org space Nagas, please Night Elves. There room others however they"re the main ones.

You can"t skip the bosses, you must kill all the various other bosses prior to you have the right to take top top the Wrath. Carry on the Legion and Queenie ns say.

List that Eye that Azshara Bosses

There space a total of 5 bosses in this instance and also they are detailed below in order of encounter together you progress through the doyourpartparks.org.

Eye the Azshara Location






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