Destiny 2 Season the the favored weapons room being uncovered by football player one ~ another, and also Shadow Price is a rare one.

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Following our current guides ~ above the brand-new Season the the liked weapons in Destiny 2, we will certainly go over Shadow Price this time around. The Destiny 2 shadow Price is a legendary auto-rifle with some well-known random rolls, a good recoil system, and also acceptable impact.

The negative news is zero Price cannot be completed by completing a search or a challenge. The only means to obtain it is v the Nightfall: The Ordeal playlist drops. So, together you guess, that somehow based on how happy you are, however according come the community, you have the right to increase your chance of acquiring the Destiny 2 zero Price by raising the an obstacle level. The course, you could not be able to play the Nightfall: The Ordeal playlist at the master difficulty, yet even playing on Hero difficulty will rise your chances for receiving a zero Price drop significantly.

One various other parameter the can impact your possibility to acquire the weapon is your in its entirety performance in the activity. Getting an ext kills and more points will make friend closer come the rare drops such as Shadow Price.

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Based top top the statistics listed by Lightgg, the average community roll has Corkscrew Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Overflow, and also Dragonfly. Below, you can check out every the easily accessible random rolls because that Shadow Price along with the statistics the the weapon:

Shadow Price Statistics:

Impact: 29Recoil: 79Reload Speed: 52Range: 67Handling: 49Zoom: 14Inventory Size: 48Rounds per Magazine: 450Magazines: 33

Available Rolls:

Corkscrew RiflingArrowhead BrakeChambered CompensatorExtended BarrelFluted BarrelFull BoreHammer-Forged RiflingPolygonal RiflingSmallboreAccurized RoundsAppended MagTactical MagExtended MagSteady RoundAlloy MagazineFlared MagwellSurplusKilling WindFourth Time’s The CharmFeeding FrenzyOverflowBottomless GriefOne for AllDisruption BreakThreshSwashbucklerUnrelentingDragonfly

Destiny 2 is now accessible for totally free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series X, Xbox collection S, and also PC. If you are an Xbox video game Pass subscriber, you can acquire the post-launch extend of the video game for free.