In bespeak to acquire gold camo because that the crossbow, among the difficulties is the you require to acquire a bloodthirsty medal using only the crossbow.

A bloodthirsty medal is derived by acquiring 5 death in a row, there is no dying.

I have been trying to acquire this because that a lengthy time. Attempting to use the crossbow there is no the tri-bolt attachments to gain the medal is exceptionally difficult. Ns instead have actually been make the efforts to use scavenger v the tri-bolt attachment. Ns still have had no luck.

What is the easiest method to complete this challenge?

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Here is a video clip that talks a small bit around it. It talks a tiny bit about setup and also what map come use. It recommends sticks and also stones. Other objective based maps will do as well like things favor dominations.

For setup that does:

reflex limit lightweight (you deserve to pick something rather ghost is additionally good)scavenger (wont occupational if you kill through explosives)dexterity (crossbow aim is sluggish so that important)

Hopefully this is sufficient information to gain it yourself. If no I expect it in ~ least provides you enough motivation from this to gain it.


Honestly, I simply waited till I to be on level that ns knew I could camp at or you can work the perimeter of every level.


Play record the flag and also just camp around a flag. Take caution to it is in in a place where no one deserve to see you then begin practicing her aim, therefore you might find the scopes the suits friend better.



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