How to obtain Base Tokens in Spider-Man PS4

As you go with the Suits web page in Spider-Man PS4‘s menu, admiring the miscellaneous suits the you’ve unlocked but have however to craft, friend may have spotted that several of them need Base Tokens come craft. Here’s what you need to know on how to obtain base tokens in Spider-Man PS4.

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Base Tokens are one of the plenty of different do currencies in the game, and also depending top top how much through the story contents of Spider-Man PS4 friend are, you might not yet know just how to gain them. Well, permit us explain it because that you.

Once you’ve taken care of Fisk within the game’s opened moments and completed a few more story missions, you’ll be told the Fisk’s men have collection up fronts throughout Manhattan. These are marked with crowns on her map. Merely head to these locations on her map, clean the tide of opponents that’ll shot and send Spidey come an untimely end, and also you’ll be rewarded through Base Tokens for your efforts.


Fisk Hideouts aren’t just the only location you can get Base Tokens from. Together you progress through the story, you’ll come across more enemy bases that you’ll should take down. We’ve contained a complete list of just how to get base tokens in Spider-Man PS4 below, as well as the symbol you’re looking the end for on your map.

All places You can Earn basic Tokens in Spider-Man PS4

Fisk Hideouts – marked with a Crown on her map. Demon Warehouse – significant by a devil mask. Sable station – These locations are significant by an ‘S’ within a hexagon. Prisoner Camp – Look because that a barbed wire icon to hunt these down.

By completing any type of of this bases or hideouts, you’ll get Base Tokens because that completing them. However, if you finish them and meet few of the Bonus Objectives, you’ll be bonus with also more.

If you’re struggling to obtain Base Tokens and beat the adversary waves wait for girlfriend at every location, be sure to usage your web to swing around the area. This no only gives you basic opportunity to dodge incoming projectiles to build focus and heal yourself, however it’s additionally generally a pretty good crowd regulate method.

That’s pretty much all you need to understand on how to get Base Tokens in Spider-Man PS4. For much more tips, tricks, and guides ~ above the game, be sure to examine out our ever-expanding wiki. Room we missing something? let us recognize down in the comments below and also we’ll execute our best to acquire you an answer.

Our wiki is filled v hand guides, such as how to to win Kingpin, Shocker, Tombstone, and Taskmaster, where Uncle Ben’s grave place is, how to gain landmark tokens, and challenge tokens, and also even exactly how to settle the statue puzzle.

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Question: just how to acquire Base Tokens in Spider-Man PS4?

Answer: base Tokens can be earned by acquisition down any of the various enemy bases in the game. These originally are just Fisk Hideouts, however you’ll soon have to taken top top Demon Warehouses, Sable Outposts, and Prisoner Camps, too. Finish the bonus objectives at each of these to knife bonus base Tokens.