How to reset Raycon earbuds?Doing a factory reset is simple. Simply press under on both earbuds’ strength buttons for thirty seconds. This will restore your Raycon earbuds come their manufacturing facility settings. We’ll go over all the different reasons you could need to execute that and some the the troubles it helps clear up in the article below. 

How carry out I reset mine Raycons?

Here is just how to perform a factory reset on her Raycons. You can uncover this details in the Raycon manual. The first thing to execute is strength off the earbuds. To carry out this, hold down the button on each earbud for four seconds.Next, delete every one of the Raycons names in her phone or computer’s Bluetooth settings. Any device paired with your Raycons must be switched turn off or deleted. Now, hold down the buttons for thirty secs on each earbud. Place them ago into the charging case and close the case. Take them out. Hold both earphones down to turn on. Wait because that them to pair v each other before pairing with your mobile device. Now, head over to her mobile device. As soon as you view the Raycon name appear in the Bluetooth section, push it to connect. Her earphones will say “connected,” and also you can begin using them. 

Why is just one of my Raycons not working?

Have her Raycon earbuds have actually stopped pairing through your device? Is the sound cutting the end on girlfriend constantly? Here’s just how you have the right to fix this problem for Raycons different earbud models:


Reboot your earbuds by deleting the Raycon names from your Bluetooth settings on every paired devices. Revolve the earbuds off and put castle inside your case. Leave them there for a moment before removing them and also rebooting them. 


If you’re having this problem with your E50 or E100 Raycons, this is what to do:Turn earbuds off.Delete Raycon from all Bluetooth menus of combine devices.For 30 seconds, host down the Earbuds to power off. Place castle in the case. Then take them the end again.Find Racon E50/Raycon E100 on your maker and pair them. 

Raycon H20

If the sound isn’t functioning on your Raycon H20s, make sure they are fully charged, and also make certain they room both on. Adjust the volume come ensure that in the ideal spot. Failing that, you can shot to clear the Bluetooth pairing list on whatever device you’re using. Hold the power button down for 5 seconds to rotate off and back on again. This have to solve the problem. 

How perform you pair left and right Raycons?

Start by placing the earphones in her ears, and make sure they space both fully charges. If they space not charged, they i will not ~ pair. Hold under on the switch on both ears till you hear: “Raycon strength on.” The Raycons will first connect to every other before pairing through your device. Now, go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone. You need to see her Raycons listed in the Bluetooth pairing section. Click Raycon come pair with your device. 

Why is just one of my Raycon earbuds blinking red and blue?

This is a sign that her left and also right Raycon earbuds are paring v each other. Both have actually blue and also red LED lights inside them. A hard blue light flashing method the earbuds space powering one. Red and also blue lights flashing alternately means that the earbuds room waiting to pair v each other. If you hear the voice notice “power on” and then “connected,” your two buds have paired. 

What perform I do if mine Raycon earbuds i will not ~ charge?

If her Raycon earbuds have actually stopped charging, or the charging capsule has actually stopped charging, this is what you have the right to do. Make certain the capsule is closed once your earbuds space in charging mode. If the case is open, they will not charge. Ensure the link pins between the earbuds and the case are cleared of any gunk or debris. Usage a soft tissue and also a toothpick to wipe and also clean away any obstructions.Also, provides sure the link pins deserve to recede and also retract properly. If they can’t, they will certainly not make the link to the charger, and you won’t be able to charge her Raycon earbuds. Ensure over there is no damage to the charging cable, and if there is, try a brand-new cable. They room readily accessible on amazon or digital stores. Ensure her power resource is functioning and that the metal link into the case is no bent or obstructed in any type of way. 

Final thoughts: check your warranty

If you space still experiencing difficulties with resetting, charging, or pairing her Raycon earbuds, there room three feasible options left come you. One is to check out the manual or go online and ask for much more detailed help.

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An additional is to contact Raycon’s great customer service. Castle will aid guide you in the direction of a solution. Lastly, if over there is a hardware concern that will certainly not resolve and also your earbuds space under warranty, Raycon will certainly send you a new pair. How lengthy Does it take to Charge Jlab Earbuds/Headphones?Why has actually All my Apple Music Disappeared? (Quick Answer)Why Is apple Watch not Tracking mine Sleep?How lengthy does it take to charge a Nintendo Switch?How long Does It require to Charge Galaxy Buds?