getting Started

Before beginning the tutorial, you deserve to review the background information below.

how to obtain to her Game records (MacOS)

open up Finder open up Finder and click desktop At the peak of your display screen click “Go” In the autumn down food selection click “Go to Folder” go into ~/Library/Application Support/Steam open the folder labeled “steamapps” open up the folder labeled “Common” open “Stardew Valley”

How to get to her Game documents (Windows)

open up Folders and look because that “This PC” in the sidebar. Click on “Windows (C:),” or everything drive friend installed steam on. Open the folder labeling “Program records (x86).” Under “Program files (x86)”, navigate come Steam>steamapps>Common>Stardew Valley.

exactly how to Open and Play Stardew Valley

Download steam Login to project vapor account Username: lis4882019 Password: doyourpartparks.org2019 get in security code discovered in the task Gmail Username: lis488stardewvalley

You are watching: How to edit stardew valley sprites Password: lis4882019 Navigate to “Library” and select Stardew Valley choose Load Click the save paper for Library Farm through the player called “Modder” You will wake up at 6 am in bed at her farmhouse ~ above Library farm yard

In this indict we will certainly be:

Locating and copying the cat XNB file. Unpacking the XNB file. Editing the PNG file. Repacking the cat XNB file. Replacing the cat XNB record with our modded XNB file. Experimentation our mod. First, we require an applications that will help us unpack and repack XNB files so us can modify that cat’s PNG. XNBCLI is a safe, basic to use application for this purpose. Download it: below click on to download, when downloaded relocate the folder to your desktop. Your browser does not support the video tag. Now, we will unpack cat.xnb utilizing XNBCLI. Copy (do no move) cat.xnb from “vanilla files” come xnbcli>packed. Then, run the appropriate document for unpacking. Relying on your OS, it pay it is in unpack.bat, unpack.command, or As soon as the regimen is finished, close the program and also open the unpacked folder. You should see three files: cat.png, cat.json, and We room only pertained to with the an initial two. Copy BOTH cat.png and also cat.json come “modded files.” for MacOS, friend may gain an error that states something prefer “you perform not have actually the appropriate access.” To deal with this, open up up Terminal, and navigate to whereby you set up xnbcli by making use of the ‘cd’ command. Currently we are going to usage a command that provides us permission to run the command files. Type into Terminal “chmod +x unpack.command.” her terminal home window should look at something prefer this: $ user xnbcli chmod +x unpack.command push enter. Currently we have permission to operation the unpack.command file. To save yourself time later, also type “chmod +x pack.command” and press enter. The will provide you permission to operation the pack.command file later. Your browser does not support the video tag. Now for the fun part: altering the artwork. In her “modded files” folder, twin click on the PNG file to open up it — it must look choose a series of sprites because that the cat. Double-clicking will additionally likely open the PNG in picture editing software. Most computers have a default image editing software — Preview top top MacOS or picture on windows 10. Using your favorite image modifying software, make the image black and also white either by lowering the saturation or applying a black and white filter. As soon as you are done, conserve your file. Your browser does not assistance the video tag. Navigate ago to her XNBCLI folder. Make sure your “packed” and “unpacked” folders space both empty as well as the .md files. Then, copy cat.png and cat.json from “modded files” into xnbcli>unpacked. Then, re-pack your files by running the ideal pack file. Once the regime is finished, nearby it and open the “packed” folder. You have to see a new xnb file labeled “cat.” If that not named “cat,” rename it to “cat.” Copy your brand-new xnb document to “modded files” on your desktop. Your browser does not assistance the video clip tag. Now, COPY cat.xnb indigenous “modded files” to Stardew>Content>Animals. You will certainly be prompted that cat.xnb already exists and if friend would like to change cat.xnb. Click YES. Your browser does not assistance the video clip tag. start the game> Load game > save File. Her cat could be inside the house! If not, usage WASD ~ above your key-board to move your personality outside and check the waterbowl to the left your house. If her cat is black and white, friend have successfully modded your game. When you room done, you re welcome quit the video game without saving.

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Your browser does not support the video clip tag.

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