This tutorial show how to draw a dress shirt in six steps. It gives easy to follow instances and an easy explanations that the drawing process.

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Shirt illustration step by step

The instances in this tutorial has actually a simple design the is really common because that shirts the this type. You have the right to see a preview of the illustration steps for it above.

Start the indict in pencil and make irradiate lines the are easy to erase in situation you need to make a correction. You can darken them after that with a black color pen/marker.

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How to draw a T-Shirt step by Step

Step 1 – draw the Collar of the Shirt

Shirt collar drawing

Begin by drawing the dress shirt’s collar.

Shirt collar illustration step through step

You deserve to see the illustration steps for it in the instance above.

Begin through an outlined the it’s top. Next attract the sides sides followed by the lower part of the inside outline and then the upper part. You can additionally connect the 2 sides the the collar through a quick line.

Step 2 – attract the “Vest”

Shirt rundown drawing

Coming the end of the collar include the shoulders followed by the sides and then the bottom the the main component of the shirt. At this phase it need to basically look prefer a vest when done.

Step 3 – attract the Sleeves

Shirt sleeves drawing

Add a pair the sleeves coming out of every side that the “vest” from the vault step. Be mindful not to make them too long as you will also want to include the cuffs in the next step.

Step 4 – attract the Cuffs

Shirt cuffs drawing

At the bottom of each sleeve include a cuff. Make the cuffs reasonably short in length and also slightly narrower than the sleeves.

Step 5 – attract the Buttons & finish the line Drawing

Shirt heat drawing

Finish the line drawing by first adding a piece running under the center of the shirt. Girlfriend can draw it with simply two lines. Afterwards add a collection of buttons going with the center of this strip (try to store these same spaced).

Finally once done outlining the buttons trace over the currently of your entire illustration with either a thin black color marker or a black pen. If girlfriend don’t have actually one about you deserve to darken her lines through the pencil.

Step 6 – color the Shirt

Shirt drawing

To color the shirts you have the right to make the pretty much any color. In this instance it will certainly be blue (fairly typical for dress shirts). You deserve to also add a little bit of a darker gradient coming up from the inside bottom that the collar together that area usually often tends to have a shadow on it. You deserve to leave the buttons white.

Colored pencils might be a good option for a lighter colored shirt. They additionally make it relatively easy to include the zero gradient roughly the collar.

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This indict shows just how to attract a fairly common looking dress shirt. When the shirt has actually a bit of information to it all at once it’s no very complicated and should not be too complicated to draw.

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