Posted a joke that wasn"t funny? Retweeted someone else"s joke, but didn"t notification the unsavory source? We"re not right here to judge. We"re just right here to make it all go away.

(FYI: In instance you obtained here due to the fact that you to be hoping to delete someone else"s tweet from her timeline, that"s not possible, sorry. Yet there are methods of controlling what girlfriend see and what others say around you.)

Here"s exactly how to execute this digital vanishing act:

How come delete a tweet

Once you"ve logged on to Twitter, discover the tweet that you want to delete. Click the symbol with 3 dots in a horizontal heat in the height right edge of the tweet.

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Find the three dots icon on the tweet you desire to delete.Credit: Twitter

Then in the dropdown, hit "Delete."


Then fight delete in the dropdown.Credit:

When girlfriend delete a tweet, every one of its contents, including metadata, will certainly be eliminated from her account, the timeline of any kind of accounts the follow you, and also the Twitter homepage feed.

That gift said, if someone retweeted a tweet with a comment (more on the in the following section) or copied and also pasted content from her tweet right into a new tweet, that content will certainly not be deleted.

The very same thing walk if her tweet has actually been cached, cross-posted, or screenshotted. It will certainly not be turned off if it"s released on a third-party platform.

Basically, you have the right to delete a tweet, but it might be conserved somewhere else, for this reason tweet v caution.

But there space other methods to delete other you"ve posted to Twitter and also no much longer want around. An initial we"ll define what those other functions are, adhered to by exactly how to delete them.

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How to retweet

Retweeting way sharing someone else"s Twitter short article to your followers. Self-retweeting is likewise possible, but (thankfully) rather rare.

There space two methods you deserve to share a tweet: as a retweet, unchanged, or as a "quote tweet" by adding your own comment come the tweet.


Find the tweet you"d prefer to retweet. Click/tap ~ above the icon that shows two arrows circling each other.


This is the icon for retweeting.Credit: Twitter

Click/tap "Retweet" to share the tweet without including any comments.