Over the past few years, Cameroon music (especially the Afropop and Hip Hop genres) have actually been experiencing a large boom in sales and also airplay about the world.

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The two genres (237 Afropop & hip Hop) have also produced much more superstars than any kind of other genres (Bikutsi, Makossa and the rest) in the past few years.

237 Afropop and Hip hip music videos are now topping the charts on map TV Africa, MTV, boom TV, my Music TV and also other neighborhood radio and TV stations…. And also have recorded lots of see on Youtube….which indicates that attention in 237 Afropop and Hiphop music videos is every time high. 237 Afropop artist; Salatiel to be opportune to it is in featured in Beyonce’s newly released Lion King album, many thanks to the spotlight on 237 Afropop and also HipHop music.

Since video vixens are the eye candy of 237 Afropop and Hip i know well music videos, this gift a vast opportunity because that the ladies in Cameroon come make substantial sums the money and additionally stand a high possibility of attaining stardom by featuring as video vixens.

It may surprise you to recognize that there space some music video vixens in Cameroon who earn an ext money 보다 the dancers who work-related their ass off practicing run moves.

Somebody may likely want come ask, what’s the difference in between a music video vixen and a dancer?

A music video vixen (also recognized as music video clip model) in Cameroon, is a sexy lady who appears in music videos. They space the females that are frequently scantily clad and dancing in the background.

Unlike the professional dancers, they space usually featured in music videos because of their sex appeal and also often show up in many music videos pull on in bra, bikini, hot denim shorts, see with dresses and sexy night club attires i beg your pardon exposes your female assets.

Not every music director needs that vixens bare their bodies yet the core idea the featuring video clip vixens in music videos, is because that them to offer music videos a sex very nice and also boost the moral of the i know good Hop and Afropop artists.

Its thought that the greater the variety of video vixens in a music video, the greater the respect an artist will certainly earn in the HipHop community and among his peers therefore the factor why video vixens are a staple in most modern Hip Hop and also Afropop videos.

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watching 3 scene of one afropop or Hiphop music video, there is no a video clip popping up on your display is very impossible.

Given the reality that video clip vixens are the main point ingredients in the HipHop music, beautiful women are very sought after ~ by music directors, come spice up your videos. This because of this present a golden opportunity for the ladies to make large amount of money and additionally stand a possibility of attaining stardom.

Featuring in music videos together a video clip girl is additionally considered as the best method to kick start a modelling career in Cameroon and also may additionally pave the way for plenty of money do opportunities. As soon as you begin doing music videos and getting more exposure doors simply seem to paris open.

In this article i,m going to describe how girlfriend can become a effective music video vixen in Cameroon.

Without any kind of further delay, let move to the key topic.

Qualities of a video Vixen in Cameroon

The only important quality (assets) necessary to end up being a music video clip vixen in Cameroon is an mean HEIGHT.

I know you expected me come say that you must look beautiful and also sexy.

Nowadays beauty beauty has end up being a commodity. If you room not born v the enhanced/attractive functions seen in Nicky Minaj, Beyonce, and other video clip vixens, you have the right to use your money to get those assets.

Do friend think friend can’t become a music video clip vixen in Cameroon due to the fact that of her saggy boobs and also are worried that a bikini won’t look great on her body??? No worries! this particular day there are countless effective boobs firming and enlargement commodities that will certainly make her boobs look favor that that 20 yrs old girl v no next effect and within a brief time frame. So girlfriend don’t require to get a boob project or experience surgery.

Today, there are really talented makeup artist in Cameroon that will give you every little thing look you desire.

There are also many essential skincare products like the Flabelle Skin glow kits that will provide your human body a smooth and also even tone.

Do you feeling you won’t make a good music video vixen since of her plus size body or bulging tummy??? there are plenty of organic commodities like the Flabelle level tummy tea that will certainly make it possible for friend to get a flat tummy in 2 weeks.

So if you room not born with attractive features, no problem. Every you need is cash, to put your body in excellent shape.

Keep in mind that the bigger her assets the greater your probability of afford success/fame within a brief time framework as many Hiphop and also afropop music video directors choose featuring females with big round butt and sparkling sexy human body in their videos as many HipHop music lovers find those attractive.

In my opinion height is the only must have attribute for a video vixen due to the truth that that the just attribute (asset) money can’t buy. Aki and Paw Paw have the right to attest come this fact.

NOTE: I,m not saying the the quick ladies can’t become music video clip vixens in Cameroon. They will only get minimal opportunities than the girls v average elevation or above average (which in my opinion is demotivating). Lock may likewise find it difficult to obtain a function in a major music video.

When many artists/record brand are searching for music video clip vixens to attribute in your videos, they often give a certain criteria which the video clip vixens must meet.

Some will specify the height, hair color, weight, skin tone, eye color of the music video vixens they space looking for.

So music video vixens in Cameroon with an average height will have a far better shot at acquiring chosen to it is in in music videos.

Essential an abilities for an Aspiring Music video Vixen in Cameroon

Basic computer skill

You should be able to use the society media platforms properly (especially Instagram and Facebook). As a new video vixen, this is the platform wherein you will probably acquire your first video vixen gig.

Communication skill

As a music video vixens, you will likely be working with world you room not familiar with. You must be outgoing and able to communicate in both French and English to lull communication.

Dancing skill

Like i mentioned earlier, music video clip vixens are featured in videos due to their sexy/good looks, an ext than their capacity to act and dance many times. However video clip vixens with tiny twerking and also acting skill will stand out from the crowd and increase your probability of attracting the fist of so numerous music video directors.Take hip-hop and pop dance lessons if you space not a an excellent dancer.

If you have actually a very poor dance skill, you can either go to a regional dance studio, or buy a striptease or hip-hop run instructional video.

In enhancement to the aforementioned attribute, you have to be bold.The an initial rule of gift a successful video clip vixen is to constantly exude confidence. The much more you have the much more it shows. As soon as a woman walks into a room looking fabulous with her head held high people notification her ideal away. Both men and also women will automatically be attracted to this person since she radiates other beautiful native the inside and the out. If you lack confidence in general, try to obtain to the root of what is making friend doubt her fierceness and also get the hell end it. Video clip Vixens absolutely can’t be shy.

How to get your an initial Video vixen gig in Cameroon.

Nowadays its really easy to acquire your an initial video vixen job, many thanks to the ease of access of the society media platforms.

Any aspiring video vixen in Cameroon who can properly use the society media platforms, can quickly reach out to the popular and also upcoming artists in the music industry or lure their attention via their sexy photos. Its no news that 237 Hiphop and Afropop artist love sexy ladies.

Here are some advice on how to tempt the fist of the 237 Hiphop and also Afropop artist on the society media platforms.

1) develop a facebook page and also Instagram account (if girlfriend haven’t produced one yet).

2) continuously update your Facebook and also Instagram account withsexy photos and videos so friend can build a portfolio; this will assist you gain roles in music videos. Girlfriend will need a head shot, full-length picture in clothing and also a bikini and side-profile shots.

3) connect with the popular & upcoming 237 HipHop and also Afropop artist on the society media platforms. Choose their on facebook pages and constantly comment on their posts. Together you consistently comment on their post, they may reply one of your comments and also this may existing an opportunity for friend to have actually a brief chat through them.

In truth most 237 HipHop and Afropop artists love beautiful ladies and will obviously click your thumbnail in the comment section, if friend look charming.

Without making use of the social media, becoming a music video girl in Cameroon deserve to be tough, as there is fierce competition for the few roles that are available.

4) record a covering song.

Another good strategy you have the right to use to entice the attention of the popular and also upcoming 237 HipHop and also Afropop artists, is by recording a video of yourself singing among their songs. Girlfriend mustn’t it is in a an excellent singer to carry out so. The key motive is to sector your assets.

After you have actually recorded the video, publish it on her Instagram page and also tag the artists. Numerous of them will certainly repost the video on your Instagram page. As soon as this is done, reach out to the artists via PM and also tell them the you space an aspiring music video clip vixen in Cameroon and will choose to function in one of their music videos.

Extra Tips

***Make certain you live in an area such as Douala, Yaounde, Buea and also Bamenda where the videos room being shooting at.

***Exercise so her body is toned and shapely. If you execute not have a round, complete bottom or shapely legs, perform squats and also lunges.

***Buy outfits for your spreading calls, including mini dresses and skirts, warm shorts, halter tops and heels that space at least 4 inches high. These room the species of garments you will certainly wear on video shoots, so you should wear castle to your auditions.

***Get hair extensions–those with much longer hair will have a far better shot at gaining chosen to it is in in music videos. Also if you have naturally lengthy hair, including extensions will give you extra volume.

*** Optionally, you have the right to launch and market your very own website. This will assist you discover jobs and also be checked out by photographers and music video clip directors.

Mission Accomplished!

Once you begin featuring in music videos and getting an ext exposure doors just seem to paris open.

Be skilled once girlfriend land your first job. Display up top top time; cooperate with the hair, make-up and wardrobe staff; and also do no fraternise through the celebrities ~ above the set. This will assist you construct a an excellent reputation in the industry.

Benefit of ending up being a music video model in Cameroon

Video Vixens in Cameroon are now treated like celebrities in our culture and are an ext identifiable come the media then few of our politicians. Lock receive prompt gratification come an upstream club that once never existed.

Immediately this girls room catapulted into the limelight, several of them relocate on to modelling, acting, calendars, hosting parties, fact shows, etc. This explains why numerous music video vixens space aspiring actors, singers, dancers.

Music video vixening, is not regularly pursuit together a career yet as a way (ladder) to obtain to various other career. Yet you can make that a full time profession if you are making huges sums the cash.

Like i pointed out earlier, when you start featuring in music videos and also getting an ext exposure doors just seem to paris open.

How lot do music video vixens gain paid in Cameroon

There’s no deal with amount of money that music video vixens in Cameroon gain paid for a video shoot. Its completely dependent on what you negotiate!.

However most music video vixen in Cameroon, get paid per the number of hours ~ above set.

For any kind of random person, it have the right to be anywhere from totally free to 40,000 per 12 hour day. The typical music video model in Cameroon earns a paltry 80,000frs every 8 hour day,

For a celebrity number or anyone through a far-reaching following, it can be much higher and negotiable, depending on the person’s duty in video.

The work-related does no pay much, however it deserve to be a glamorous and also exciting career to have.

Music video Model Agency

I intended to launch a music video clip model agency; where i will be helping beautiful and also sexy women to acqualize your dream that becoming video clip vixens in Cameroon.

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If you are an aspiring music video clip vixen in Cameroon, girlfriend can contact me via Whatapp or leave her contacts below.