How carry out you properly answer the "Tell me about yourself" and what have the right to you carry to this firm questions?

This is because that entry level specifically. I seem to get asked this inquiry A LOT throughout phone displays by technical managers and also HR recruiters. But I'm no sure exactly how to effectively answer this the best way? do I talk about my education and some former experience, my technical an abilities I possess? I also don't know the proper amount that time to usage to prize this question, ns imagine quick answers probably aren't the best.

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Also come a lesser degree I gain asked what ns can bring to this company. No as often as the very first question but sometimes. Should I ever before refer come the project posting and also my an abilities or is over there a much better way?

What space the vital points I need to cover to save my answer concise?

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This question have the right to mean a couple of different things, and it sounds choose you have the right to see that. They may be interested in your work background and education. They may be interested in your skills. They may be interested in who you are as a person and what you execute for fun. Usage the timing of the question and the context to number out i m sorry one. If it's in ~ the start of a call screen, it's an ext about education and skills. If you've to be chatting around side stuff, it's an ext personal.

You can additionally always asking a clarifying question.

"Tell me about yourself.""Sure! like school and also what I've been functioning on, or who I am and also what I perform for fun?"

The "sure" there is important since it's you agreeing to answer the question. (This is likewise how i answer when someone asks come hear around a task I've functioned on. Ns ask them if they want to hear about a large legacy refactor in ~ work, or a side project I finished every myself.)

For work/education/skills give them a high-level summary of what you were doing for what time, walk backward.

"Let's talk around what you've been functioning on first.""For the last two years, I've been at XCorp. Right currently I'm ~ above a team using A and also B to execute X. Prior to that I... Prior to that I..."

As you walk backwards, girlfriend can come to be less detailed. Stop once you hit a wall of irrelevancy.

Don't point out the things in the job short article directly. "I observed you want someone who knows Python. I know Python." is lame. But keep the posting in mind. Like if you have the right to pick the end the want someone to job-related on their customer-facing app, you have the right to say "I really enjoy working on points that are offered by customers. I favor the intersection the product and also engineering the most."

One of the things I do in interviews is telling civilization what I'm not (as long as it's something castle don't need.)

"If you need a low-level stunner high performance and also novel algorithms guy, that's not me. I'm no high-frequency trader."

This shows them you're just trying to uncover the finest match, and also you're no bullshitting them around being good about everything.

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The best way to practice this every is to have someone ask girlfriend this question, then answer it three or an ext times (or perform it the end loud by yourself if you have to). It's really vital to carry out it an ext than once. You'll say stuff wrong the first time, and also coming back and doing that again will offer you a chance to make those changes and also improve.