Well this was funny to make. The characters don’t seem to be fully consistent in how they’re drawn, yet they’re regular enough to get a pretty great idea because that their family member heights.

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Trying to walk from relative height to absolute elevation is an ext difficult: Steven appears to be around as tall as a doorknob is high, i beg your pardon would placed him at three feet tall. This would all be well and good, except Pearl and Greg would need to be 5’1″ tall. We recognize Greg said he wasn’t that tall, but we don’t think he’s in reality that short either. If us assumed Greg to be 5’8″, the would placed Steven (and thus a 10 top top this chart) at 3’4″ high (and average doorknobs are put pretty high in coast City for some reason).

Relative sizes:Steven: 10Amethyst: 12Pearl: 17Garnet: 20Rose Quartz: 22Opal: 30 (she likes to was standing on she toes a lot of though, making she seem taller)Sugilite: 58Alexandrite: 72

Sugilite has actually been amendment upwards in size since the initial posting the this size chart, indigenous 49 to 58.

The pictures used to represent Steven, Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, rose Quartz, and also Opal every come indigenous the main art via the Crewniverse tumblr account, while the images for Stevonnie, Sugilite, and also Alexandrite come indigenous the Steven cosmos wiki (the official art for Sugilite and Alexandrite would have looked awful when stretched the much).

Zem on march 8, 2015 in ~ 3:11 afternoon

Opal is relative to Steven, Stevonnie and also Sugilite are relative to Pearl, and Rose Quartz and Alexandrite are relative to Greg (who is the same height as Pearl). The three simple Crystal jewel are relative to Steven and each other. Garnet in specific is all over the place, so I put her at 2.

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For Sugilite specifically, check the scene wherein she access time Pearl up right into the air (as she states “ain’t”). They’re equidistant indigenous the camera, and also Sugilite isn’t even three time Pearl’s height. Once Alexandrite autumn Greg and also Steven off at the Crab Shack you acquire a pretty good perspective on them wherein Greg (who is the same elevation as Pearl once he hugs her in House Guest) is less than a quarter of she height despite being contempt closer come the camera (meaning the scene is contempt biased against Alexandrite’s height).