If the name Sianney Garcia is renowned to you, climate you probably additionally know about the pair duo SiAngie Twins. They became popular in 2012 after they introduced their YouTube channel. The adorable pair have come to be one that the ideal in music and also rap in the modern world. They are well-known for songs like “After School” and also “Butterflies”, which were released on your YouTube channel.

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In 2014, the pair released their first EP entitled “My All”, a massive success that put them additional into the spotlight. Over there is so much to know around the SiAngie twins, apart from their appearance on society media. In trying to find out an ext about them, several concerns are answered. Starting with the most frequently asked questions:

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Who are the SiAngie Twins? just how Old room They?

They are a music duo consist of of the pair Sianney Garcia and also Angelise Garcia. They to be born top top April 25, 2001, in Philadelphia and are the Puerto Rican descent. The SiAngie twins room younger sisters of the famous boxer and also former two-time world heavyweight champion, Danny Garcia, who is recognized for his record-breaking performances in the ring.

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The twins ended up being famous after ~ the release of your hit solitary Butterflies in 2014, the very same year lock released their debut single After School. Also in 2014, the two outstanding twins released your debut EP mine All. ~ their rise to prominence, the twins began to entice the attention of entertainment sector stakeholders. Castle once showed up in a TV commercial for the Forman Mills brand. Castle are also well well-known on society media. The Twins have a big fan base on the Instagram platform with over 1 million followers.

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The SiAngie pair are slowly approaching the sensational call of your older brothers Danny Garcia. Danny stand on a high pedestal in the people of boxing, many thanks to his unparalleled an abilities in the ring. The renowned boxer has actually a document of a 32-0 success in all 32 fights, v 18 wins being a full knockout. In 2016, he hosted the WBC welterweight title and also has additionally won the WBA Super, WBC, and Ringmagazin light-welterweight titles. The people champion in welterweight is stated to have been the one that really urged his tiny sisters to gain into music ~ watching and also weighing their interests.

Their network Worth

It may seem too early on to calculate the net worth of this extraordinary music duo, yet the idea that the twins room heading for higher heights cannot be ignored. The duo to be featured on MTV’s my Super Sweet 16 on July 3, 2017, once their elaborate party because that the 16th anniversary of your birth.

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It was certainly a memorable birthday, as it was commemorated by celebrity entertainers, consisting of Fat Joe, who offered a stunning performance. So lot is meant of the Siangie twins, whose talents have actually been commonly recognized.