Noah Jacob is a 20years old Youtuber from brand-new York joined States. He is extensively known because that his TV channel’s content, pranks, social experiments, and an obstacle videos.

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He gained substantial popularity by uploading pranks, and funny and cringe-worthy videos on his self-titled noah Jacob TV Youtube channel and also has amassed with huge views and subscribers.We to walk you with Noah Jacob Age,Girlfriend, Biography, Birthday, Height, Family, Facts, Photos, and More.

Basic details Wiki:-

Full NameNoah Jacob
DOB(Date that Birth)1 February 2001
Zodiac authorize Aquarius
GirlfriendKayani B
Profession Youtuber| Tv-Content creator
Debut Youtube
BirthplaceNew York, unified States

Noah Jacob period & day of Birth:-

Noah is 20years old. He was born on 01 February 2001 in brand-new York, united States.

Physical Stats and also More:-

Noah is clever & charming, and he is highly renowned on youtube. Noah’s height is 5 Feet and 7 Inches tall and weighs nearly 75 kg and also got Brown eyes and also black hair.

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Noah Jacob biography & career Details:-

Noah hails from brand-new York, united States.On July 23, 2016, he produced his youtube channel and also posted his an initial reaction video, which included his reactions end a tiktok compilation, posted by Chandler Alexis.Some of his popular an obstacle videos are ‘Idiot check Challenge’, ‘Try no to look far challenge, ‘Ultimate if girlfriend rap you shed challenge, etc. Noah’s very first video that obtained 1 million see which to be a reaction video clip from April 2020 title “Mom Exposes Daughter on Instagram Live.On Instagram, he has 158K followers. & ~ above youtube, the has 1.32 million subscribers.

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Noah Jacob Girlfriend:-

He is date Kayani B and also keeps uploading videos through her ~ above his youtube channel.

Noah Family:-

He is low-key and hasn’t shared lot of his family details. His brother’s name is Nilus Jacob.

Father’s NameNot Known
SiblingsNilus Jacob
Mother’s NameNot Known

Some amazing Facts about Noah:-

He is an pet lover.Noah’s Youtube channel has amassed over 460,000 subscribers.He has actually posted a reaction video to a compilation ofKaylina Eileen’s most renowned TikTok vignettes.Noah has actually seen in many videos, post by his girlfriend Nej D’Lux.

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Noah Jacob Video:-

Noah’s video BRAND new LUXURY PENTHOUSE tourism IN MIAMI! has actually viewed over 33K+ and is appreciated by many.

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