Alejandra, far better known as “Athena” is a 24-year-old American Rocket organization content creator native Texas. She is the biggest female player in the ar who inspires women all over the civilization to obtain into the world of gaming. She came to be a Twitch sensation overnight in 2017 when the gaming market was still quite young. She has remained in the news newly for leave G2 Esports, a giant North America organization.

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Height5 foot 4 inch
Weight125 lbs
Shoe Size7 inch
Skin ColourWhite
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack


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Athena is the top-most woman Rocket league streamer in the community, therefore it can be assumed the she it s okay paid quite well. However, the is daunting to find accurate info on her earnings and net worth together no data ~ above this is accessible on the internet. According to Liquipedia, her approximate complete winnings space $13,067. The net worth that a human being depends top top the assets that possesses and also from this, that is estimated to be between $1.5 million and $5.5 million.


Alejandra, better known together Athena, is the best female streamer of the Rocket League and is an ideas to all the women who are brand-new to streaming. She functioned as a contents creator through G2 Esports for 2 years.