I need to recognize this because that a c̫o̫ςκtail recipe. The cooking recipes is calling for 2 cup of water, but I desire to usage Ice instead. Would certainly it it is in the same (1 cup the water = 1 cup of ice)? Thx in advance.

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Think of the - there is very tiny expansion as soon as you freeze water. To fill up her ice cube tray and freeze it - did that overflow? No.

A cup of water = a cup of ice the difficulty is measure up the ice since it does not fit right into your container without gaps.

You can use the cold water displacement method to measure her ice.

Fill a two cup measure v one cup that cold water.

Add cubes to to fill to 2 cups and quickly to water off the water. You now have actually 1 cup that ice.

If i were you I would certainly count how numerous ice cubes that is and also mark the on the recipe.

Many recipes I have for instance marguerita for 2 drink calls because that 7 ice cubes to do the frozen version.

I usage 7 ice cream cubes for many drinks such as daiquiri, marguerita or frozen grasshopper to do 2 drinks.

These are Atkins trusted (low carb)

Strawberry Daiquiri

(I buy the bags the frozen unsweetened strawberries and also make this constantly)

1 cup strawberries

3 or 4 oz lime juice

3 or 4 oz rum

4 packets sweetener

7 ice cubes


(good through coconut rum likewise or coconut flavour for short carb/no sugar)

Low-Carb Margarita

(I have actually been entirely knocked on mine *** through this one)

3 ounces tequila

3 ounces lime juice (fresh squeezed or bottled unsweetened)

1 tespoon Boyajian orange oil (I didn\"t have actually this friend could shot a bit orange or lemon extract however its no needed)

4 packets street substitute

7 ice cream cubes

Blend in blender

This provides 2. 4.5 carbs each

You should use ice and also serve end oce. Or fill a mezsuring cup up about 1/2 means with ice and add water come thr 1 cup line if you desire your drinks chilled yet not diluted.

And uneven you freeze 1 cup of water 1 cup of ice cream does no make 1 cup of water. It counts on the size and also shape that the ice cream cubes.

true... A golf ball had a volume or 1/2 cup so any kind of thing the is 1 fifty percent cup have the right to be rolled right into a ball to look favor ice cream

1 cup

measure the water and also freeze it you will have a tiny less than 1 cup so add a little more water come it to make it even.

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