The power firm says I can put my permanent business entrance on a 6" x 6" push treated post. Mine friend suggested I consider a metal post sunk in concrete, for higher longevity.

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How long should I expect a treated short article to last in the ground?

Here"s the diagram the power firm gives:




A PT article will critical a lengthy time in concrete, possibly 5 to 10 years in soil alone. I imply you embed the short article in concrete, trowel a peak approximately the write-up so water runs off, and also don"t allow the PT write-up come in call with the ground.

If you uncover the RV posts I discussed earlier, they are steel, treated and also when placed in concrete will last 25 years or more.



It will certainly not last long (7 yrs max) if the bottom of the post is wet. If friend place rock at the basic of the post, it have to last 20+ yrs.


The size of time will likewise depend on whether it has been cut after manufacture or no as well. The treatment does not always deep seep right into the timber, because of this making any type of post distribution cuts may expose any kind of untreated timber. Constantly best come retreat a fresh cut before installing.

I am an knowledgeable fencing expert and decking master. I recognize 100% the a spruce timber short article will no exceed 4 years prior to collapsing v rot once hidden in the ground.

I had actually 2×6 push treated lumber laying over ground ~ above 8 customs cement block save it out side for around 23 year exposed come snow. Sunlight ECT. It has not even started to rot or crack this is concrete applied proof so take it it indigenous here however the individual external stair tread has actually started come open challenge crack reason I neglected to seal it through linseed oil combined with powdered milk that makes it water proof and durable countless many an ext years.

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