To obtain void, you’ll need to play the pest regulate minigame. Void is untradeable so over there is no other way to acquire it. Pest regulate is played in civilization 344 (you have to play in this civilization to have the ability to find games) and there space three levels:LadderCombat Level RequiredPoints per winVeteran1004Intermediate704Novice403
Each level has a various combat level requirement and gives a various amount that points every win.Meaning the greater your combat level, the fastest you will get your complete void set. You need: 170 veteran wins, 213 intermediate wins and 284 novice wins to gain the complete void set. A veteran game lasts much less than 2 minutes, you usually have no waiting time but sometimes friend don’t acquire priority which means there could be a 10-30 second hold-up in-between games. So let’s say an mean veteran game takes 3 minutes consisting of loading time.This method that full void (1250/5=250 games) will take you around 12,5 hours. And also an extra 4 hrs to update to elite void. 

Regular void 

The full void collection (including the three helmets) needs you to have 1250 void commendation points. A single void collection (one helmet) would cost you 850 void commendation points. 

Elite void

Elite void has some extra requirements over consistent void. In bespeak to obtain elite void you require to complete the difficult Western provinces Diary.

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You’ll likewise need to pay 200 commendation clues to upgrade each the your constant robes because that a total of 400 commendation points. You’ll also need to complete a bunch the quests, achieve high level an abilities and a combat level of 100 to finish the tough Western provinces Diary and gain accessibility to upstream void. In total, elite void will expense you 1650 commendation points. 

Regular void vs elite void

The just stat distinction elite void offers over continual void is the +6 prayer bonus. Elite void offers no extra melee bonus yet does give a +2,5% extra ranged and magic damages when the particular helmets are worn.This provides elite void ranged the ideal in slot DPS ranged armour in osrs. So if girlfriend have constant void you must only go with the problem of acquiring elite void if:You plan on act raids/TOBYou desire to obtain BIS Ranged DPSYou need the +6 prayer bonusElite void magic is not worth it as ahrims has much better dps (which is why players carry ahrims move to raids rather of a mage hood) 


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