Knowing just how long votive burn help you plan for distinct events and usage. Us tested four various brands the votive to check out just just how long castle last. These approximately two-inch tall have the right to burn for all over from around two to 4 hours according to our experiment.

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Votive and also Burn times Tested

us tested four votive from renowned manufacturers and stores to see which big the longest and to identify an average burn time because that this size of candle.

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* used in Experiment

Interiors by style Brand Votive From family members Dollar

You deserve to purchase a four-pack that white, Clean Linen fragrant votives for around $1 at the household Dollar. When the box plainly states they room votive, this candle was around an inch shorter than any type of other brand and also only .8 ounces in weight. The votive stands about one customs tall v a half-inch long wick and also features a very small rounded ar on the top.

Mainstays Brand Votive candle From Walmart

this votives are marketed individually, without any packaging, and also come in a variety of colors and scents for about 50 cents each. For this experiment, we offered the burgundy warm Apple Pie candle. This is a one and also three quarter-inch tall candle through a half-inch wick. It functions smooth sides and a level top, and also this candle has no notable style elements.

Yankee Candle Votives

recognized for their extensive scent collections, the Yankee Candle votive is 1.75 ounces and sells for just under $2. The blue heat Luxe Cashmere variety was provided for the experiment and also stands one and three-quarters inches tall v a three-quarter inch lengthy wick. This candle features a level top with a thick edge around the top that is wider than the base.

generic Citronella Votive from neighborhood Party supply Stor

This yellow candle stands around one and also a half inches tall v a half-inch wick. It was purchased for around $1 in ~ a regional party supply store. The candle weighs 1.35 ounces. ~ above the peak of the candle there is a little tapered section that starts out thinner 보다 the remainder of the candle and also spreads out to meet the flat part of the top. It likewise features a ridged design about all sides rather of a smooth finish.

approaches Used to check Votive Burn Time

~ removing every packaging and also stickers, each candle wick was pulled up straight. The were all inserted on a level surface indoors where there were no open up windows or fans. Every to be lit in ~ the exact same time.

Votive candle After One Hour that Burn Time

results of Votive Burn Time Tests

~ above average, the votives shed through many of your wax within around three hours. However, the wicks on each candle shed for another half hour to an hour after every the wax melted. The Yankee Candle lasted longer than any kind of of the various other votives, yet didn"t do the company"s guess burn time of up to 15 hours. Because of that is size, the family Dollar candle shed out long before any other votive.

Votives ~ Three hrs Burning

Data about Votive Candle Burn Time

experts suggest votives can burn because that ten to eighteen hours relying on wick size and also candle weight, however this test proved that votives burn for a much shorter time. If you room planning because that an event, you might want to have actually extra votives top top hand in case they don"t burn as lengthy as girlfriend expected. Comparing every the data helps you do an educated guess around how lengthy your details votives will certainly last.

Votive Candle Burn time Brand color height Wick dimension Wax Burn Time Wick Burn Time
Interiors By style White 1 customs fifty percent inch 2 hrs 2.5 hours
Mainstays Burgundy 1 3/4 inches 3/4 customs 3 hrs 4 hrs
Yankee Candle Blue 1 3/4 customs 3/4 customs 3.5 hrs 4.5 hours
Citronella Yellow 1.5 inch fifty percent inch 3 hrs 4 hrs

testing Limitations that Votive Burn Times

due to the fact that the weren"t every the exact same height, were perhaps made from various materials, and had different wick lengths, the to compare is not totally equal. Different style features and also scents could likewise play a part in differing melt times. If many think white candle burn faster than dyed, there"s small evidence to assistance this claim.

Burn Times and also Votive Sizes

The typical votives is 1.5" in diameter and 2" tall. However, part votives room taller 보다 the typical 2". This difference in height deserve to mean a longer burn time.

Soy, Paraffin and also Beeswax Burn Times

Soy, paraffin and beeswax every have different burn times. Each has actually a different melting point.

soy Burn Time vs Paraffin

follow to Lit up Candle Co, soy wax has a 50% longer burn time than paraffin since the melting point is lower. This stays clear of it from burning as conveniently as paraffin.

Beeswax Longest burning Time

The longest burning wax candle is beeswax. Because that example, if you purchase a 15-hour tool votive from Beeswax Candle Works, it"s the form of wax the accounts because that the extended burn time. These votive beeswax candle are just 1.75" tall, yet have a diameter is 1.75". Although .25" shorter than many votives, this candle likewise is .25 broader than the typical votive.

Candle Wax Blends Burn Time

One thing to take into consideration is whether the votive candle is a mix the waxes. Because that example, a soy candle with beeswax will burn longer than a 100% soy candle. However, a soybean beans candle through paraffin will burn faster than the 100% soy candle.

advice for boosting Votive Burn Times

The high quality of the candle, wick and also wax determines the burn time. Many of the cheaper tealights you purchase might burn between 2-3 hours. Others may burn up to 4 hours, while other may also have a 6-hour burn time.

If your candle has a lengthy wick, it will burn faster. A bent or crooked wick will certainly make the candle burn uneven, fast and also lopsided. The candle will burn ideal when the wick is no more that 1/4" long. Make sure there space no draft in the room. Bilder can reason a candle to burn unevenly since the flame bounces and moves with any air current.

You have the right to slow under the burning time by placing your candle in the freezer or frozen fridge at the very least a pair of hours prior to you plan to light it. The cold temperature will certainly inhibit the burning/melting process, resulting in your candle to burn slower.

Tealight Burn Time

Many civilization confuse tealights v votives. However, tealights are only 1" tall and also on average are the very same 1.5" diameter together votives. Numerous tealights room advertised to have actually a burn time the 4 come 6 hours. However, tealights commonly only burn for around 2 hours.

Tealight actual Burn time Reported

In conducting a check of share cheap tealights purchased in ~ a neighborhood store, the tealights melted for 1.55 hours. Various other reports the tealight burn times have the right to be found in various online reviews.

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Votive for brief Burn Occasions

Votive only burn for a few hours, making them right for house relaxation, spa solutions or brief parties. If you pick a greater quality candle, the longer it will burn and look beautiful.

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