Generally speaking, if you think of a god, a few characteristics come to mind: immortality, omniscience, omnipotence… But sometimes, we puny humans can get the better of our gods in art, if not in life. I’ve gathered up some of our most memorable deicides from genre fiction—some cathartic, some tragic, and some part of a grand cosmic plan.

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Spoilers for murdered gods, apocalypses, the ending of Final Fantasy XIII (all of ’em), and possibly the damnation of your immortal souls.

Ghostbusters—Crossing the Streams


Lady Eboshi is going to show you how to kill a god. She is part of a larger wave of people who want to destroy the old gods so humans can have more power on the earth. She is the one who shoots the boar god Nago, who in turn infects the young prince Ashitaka. She also has a vendetta against San’s adopted mother, the wolf-god Moro, and finally moves her plan into its final phase by assassinating the forest spirit Shishigami. But, despite all of this, she’s never a villain. Rather than being a standard human vs. nature film, Mononoke Hime explores a complex ecology between humanity, nature, and gods, and never allows anyone to be a purely good or evil.

American Gods—Vehicular Homicide and/or Lack of Faith


After the lackluster Big Bad pair of Adam and Professor Walsh in Season Four, Buffy the Vampire Slayer gave us a hilariously bitchy, infuriating Hell Goddess named Glory in Season Five. Glory seemed nigh invulnerable for most of the season—scrambling Tara’s brains, nearly killing a suped-up Willow, and proving to be more than a match for Buffy in their fights. When Glory kidnapped Dawn for a sacrifice that would open a demonic portal into Earth, Buffy finally defeated her with Olaf the Troll God’s mighty hammer and a little help from the magical Dagon sphere. But it was Giles who acted as the super-dark cleanup crew by smothering Glory’s innocent(ish) human host, Ben.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier—A Perfectly-Timed Question, Followed by Several Photon doyourpartparks.orgpedoes


God was not thinking clearly when he created the Saint of Killers. The Saint is an omnipotent killing machine, but he wasn’t always like that. Once, he was just a man, a murderous soldier who had reformed with the love of a good woman. But after she and their baby both die, he goes on a rampage that sends him to Hell. The Angel of Death signs him up to reap the souls of those who die from violence, which goes fine for a while, until the Saint learns that God was behind his family’s death. It seems that to turn someone into a saint of vengeance, you have to inflict tragedy. And, well, once the Saint learns that he needs to take revenge on God, the deity’s days are numbered.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-3SWORDS! Plus, the Power of Friendship.


In Kevin Smith’s world, the JudeoChristian God is a pretty friendly character who just wants occasionally to take the form of Bud Cort and play skeeball on the Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, he’s attacked by some ne’er do well demons and ends up in a coma. In God’s absense, it’s up to the Last Scion—a descendant of one of Jesus’ siblings—to stop couple of rogue angels from bringing about the Apocalypse. She manages to unplug the life support system just in time to free God from Cort’s mortal vessel and intercept the angels, this time in the form of Alannis Morissette.

SupernaturalBe Lucifer


Mike Carey’s epic 75-issue run of Lucifer (the same Lucifer featured in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman) ends with God flat out giving up on his own creation, eager to experience a reality where he doesn’t know everything that is going to happen. In an interesting twist, God comes to see Lucifer as the only being who has grown equal to Him, and he shows up to offer Lucifer the keys to creation.

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Lucifer refuses, and God wanders off to continue experiencing the unknown and Creation continues forward without its

The Amber SpyglassUnlock the Cage


?????? Seriously I played all three games and ???? was it KOS-MOS? Was she God? Something about ????? the will of the universe? And Shion’s crazy boyfriend???? Spaceships = Biblical mythology????

Did I miss any of your favorite deicides? …Wait, am I the only one with favorite deicides?

Leah Schnelbach wants to assure you that no gods were harmed in the making of this post. Yell at her on Twitter!