Los Angeles hip hop nightclubs shake your soul with booming sound solution that dish the end beats from the genre"s origins in the 80s to contemporary battle rappers and tomorrow’s future sound. A tour of hip hop nightclubs in LA starts in ~ The Airliner in Lincoln Heights, which hosts the world-famous club night Low end Theory every Wednesday. Uncover a never-ending slurry of brazen beats in a heady, smoke-friendly atmosphere. You’ll additionally find metropolitan Underground Weekly there on every Friday night. The Dime on Fairfax pumps out hits native the West Coast and East Coast, and King King in Hollywood welcomes Burner base music spanned in dust. LA i know well hop nightclub in Santa Monica incorporate Circle Bar, which goes old school on Tuesday nights with whatever from Tupac to as well $hort, and The Room – an secret speakeasy with rap bangers on Saturday nights. In the summertime, Sunday afternoon standard The do Over thumps out hip hop beats, nu jack and boogie in a backyard party environment with carafes of sangria and totally free cover. The Echoplex in Echo Park likewise hosts a variety of hip hop parties, consisting of roots-reggae weekly Dub club on Wednesdays and special occasions from the Daylight crew, when sister venue The Echo welcomes b-boys and b-girls come Funky sole on Saturday nights.

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The Room

Tired that the velvet rope? do your means over come The Room in the Cahuenga Corridor ar of Hollywood and experience an ultra-chic, ultra-cool and also ultra great time in ~ this surprise gem.


The Airliner

For cutting-edge electronic music, important hip hop and "LA beats," head come The Airliner and also let the magic that this grimy dive bar wash over you along with the huge bass indigenous the mega-watt sound


The Argyle

Unique functions at this 60s-themed bar encompass a fireplace and two-story VIP table. DJs throw down a mix of hip hop, rap, pop, and also Top 40 hits.

1600 Argyle AveLos Angeles, CA 90028


Upscale Lounge, run & Nightclub

6507 W Sunset BlvdHollywood, CA 90028

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Offering a new York nightlife suffer on LA"s infamous Sunset Strip wherein the key Club provided to be, this glamorous, masculine society is a action up from the normal fare. Excess is encouraged and champagne flows prefer water.


A club that has actually kept its cool for over two decades, The Dragonfly in Hollywood is a casual nightclub/dive through a variety of music, secret atmosphere and dark party vibe.