Every living thing exfoliates (sheds) its external layer. We normally exfoliate our outer layer the skin when every 28 days. The UVB emitted by conventional tanning beds and also the sun, cause our body"s natural exfoliation bicycle to rise to as soon as every 7 days. So through a conventional tanning bed not just do friend tan just your external layer of skin, you additionally lose this external layer (your tan) in just a matter of days. This is why a tan native a standard tanning bed fades for this reason rapidly and also requires so plenty of sessions come maintain. This is additionally why you with a point in a standard tanning bed, wherein you just can"t seem come get any kind of darker.

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Because high press beds tan virtually 100% UVA, our body"s are permitted to return to their organic 28 work exfoliation cycle. Definition your tan needs very little maintenance. And also because UVA tans deeper, our organic exfoliation reveals beautiful tanned skin.




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High press Tanning

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How regularly should my sessions be to keep my tan?

High pressure tanning is the quickest method to acquire a deep, gold color - fast. When offered in combination with standard tanning packages, high pressure sessions will enhance your tan, making that deeper, darker, through a an ext luxurious bronze.

How conveniently can I mean to tan in a high push bed?

High pressure tanning is the quickest method to get a deep, gold color - fast. When provided in combination with typical tanning packages, high push sessions will improve your tan, making the deeper, darker, with a much more luxurious bronze.

What is High press Tanning?

High push tanning beds incorporate high press quartz lamps v tremendous filtering device to insure you obtained 99% UVA tanningrays. High press lamps product UVA & UVB in various ratios than typical tanning beds; just sufficient UVB to develop the melanin forced to tan and a the majority of UVA to oxidize the melanin and turn it golden brown. UVA rays, sometimes known as "gentle tanning ray", not just tan the really most external layer of skin, but likewise tans the 2nd and 3rd sub-layers that the epidermis, giving a deeper, much longer lasting tan. So also as your external layer exfoliates, the class beneath space still tan. UVA irradiate does not cause the external layer of skin come thicken.

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High pressure Tanning permits you to visit the salon 3-4 time a month!

One 12 minute conference is indistinguishable to 5-6 sessions in a standard low pressure bed, or a totality day in the Caribbean sunlight (wouldn"t the be nice...) A course of around 4 sessions will give you a deep, base tan. To maintain this tan, only 1 sessions every main is necessary. Through high-pressure tanning, you obtain darker, faster...and save it longer!

Studies display that the is good to use a combination of low/medium pressure (all beds other than the Matrix) and also high press (The matrix Bed) tanning develop the best and fastest results. High-pressure lamps space fastest; a base tan can be established in as few as 4 visits contrasted to 10 or an ext visits for a low pressure bed.