, NM—The Roosevelt ar Community advance Corporation (RCCDC) is pleased come announce a new business comes to High plains Gun Shop will be opening a retail keep at 507 E. 2nd Street, the former Calton Furniture property. The new business will provide sales and service for a wide selection of firearms, accessorized equipment, ammo, and other associated merchandise. High levels Gun Shop additionally plans to carry out light production that includes a an equipment shop for gunsmithing, firearm customization, rifle assembly, hydro-dipping, cerakote application, laser engraving, and also holster manufacturing. Training and also gun safety classes will additionally be offered.

According to the High plains Gun Shop team, “Our mission is the we space not your usual gun shop! us aim to identify ourselves by ending up being a favorably recognized brand in the surrounding neighborhoods that operates through integrity at all times, treats each person with dignity and also respect, and generates revenue through the supplying of an extensive selection of products at fair and reasonable prices, permitting us to contribute towards improving our community and making our local area a safe ar for anyone to live, work and also play.”

High Plains guns Shop owner Tim Nolan expressed, “I look forward to having actually this opportunity, for this reason we have the right to take one active duty and be engaged in the community. The team as a totality is exceptionally excited because that this addition to ours family. We are all looking forward to the possibilities and opportunities.”

RCCDC president Randy Knudson stated, “We are really excited to have actually Tim and also his team sign up with the organization community. Us are likewise so pleased to watch Tim purchase and have plans come use and also develop the previous Calton Furniture property. It’s one much more example that the positive activity going on in our community.”

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In solemn event of the new location, High Plains firearms Shop will be having a Memorial work Weekend Sidewalk revenue at your Clovis ar at 2400 N. Prince Street.

Featured transaction on their whole inventory together with discounted prices of selected gun accessories will be top top hand.

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The sale begins Friday, might 27th starting at 6:00 am and also goes with Sunday may 29th, free hotdogs and also bottled water will be served.

The RCCDC was established in 1998 and also was formed to preserve, expand, and promote the diverse regional economy v proactive engagement in company expansion and retention, entrepreneurial development, company recruitment, and also community-oriented marketing for the City the, Eastern brand-new Mexico University, Roosevelt County, that citizens, and students.