Sorry i don't have much to walk on because that this one, yet it has actually everyone I recognize stumped.

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In which video game have the right to an NPC it is in heard speak "He's best you know" in the ton of a statement? ns feel favor it's a quote that has been repetitive several times, for this reason is more likely to it is in from a Bethesda game such as Oblivion or Skyrim, but I really can't choose out anything because that certain.

Please this one is death me. Any type of suggestions would certainly be great, considering it's no an unusual quote.


I'd like to say the I have actually heard that in gloriole or massive Effect but I to be not too sure. Played far too numerous games come remember any kind of instances of the quote.

My mind automatically sprung come Mass Effect. I want to speak Captain Anderson, however I i do not know think what paper definition or as soon as he would certainly say it. Pretty certain he does in ~ some point though, his voice is clean in mine head

When I very first read this, I instantly had 'She's best you know' in my head, and also couldn't number out where I knew the from. Transforms out its from Harry Potter. And I did part googling, and theres a personality in Skyrim called Salvianus who says it. Expect you number it out.

Yeah it doesn't seem choose Harry Potter, and also I observed that bit around Salvianus as well, but his quote is posed as a question instead of a statement. Ah well, thanks anyway

We had actually a massive "He's right, girlfriend know" quote hunt on r/tipofmytongue a month ago: It's a quote that has actually been killing me for years., though most of the proposal aren't video games.

Oh wow, this is lot harder/more common than ns expected. Guess everyone is reminded that a different source when hearing the quote.

For some factor it provides me think of among the scientist's comments in the single player version of half Life.

Yeah, the one additionally rang a bell once I was thinking about it, but I couldn't find where it was claimed to confirm :/

I've heard the security in Skyrim to speak it before, can't remember where yet it was definitely in Skyrim.

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Also contempt related


Oh god if there's a resource for the guards speak it, ns think I'll explode from satisfaction.


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