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even though appt was 5 minutes behind, ns still received a 50 minute massage. Therapist is an excellent and very great at what she does. Complete relaxation!

Spencer is the best! So great at his job, a huge asset come this location. That is attentive and knowledgeable and always offers monitor up concepts to keep my shoulders feeling better.

Tia is wonderful as a therapist and person. She is both skillful and professional. Whole staff is welcoming and pleasant.

The massage therapist - Tia - to be fabulous!! ns couldn"t have actually asked because that a much better therapist. She used the appropriate pressure, asked if i had any kind of trouble spots the needed more attention, and she retained the visit on monitor time wise. She to be pleasant and a pleasure to speak with. I would certainly recommend her to anyone needing a thorough, deep tissue massage. The finest I have actually had. She was also the just one that greeted me in the lobby. I evidenced my meeting online, and also nobody speak to me when I to walk in. When Tia came and called my name, she to be the very first who smiled in ~ me or speak to me.

every little thing was clean, the ambiance was really cozy and also welcoming and my massage therapist was friendly, and an extremely good. The only thing that was wrong was that the moment went by come fast.

an extremely relaxing atmosphere, the staff were really polite and friendly. Mine massage therapist handle my comes to with perfect push and little direction from myself.


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