Rock supergroups can be a bit hit-and-miss. For every A Perfect Circle, there’s a dozen more that you don’t even want to think about. London’s Good Tiger will find it hard to shake the supergroup label given that they’re made up of ex-members of TesseracT, The Safety Fire, and The Faceless. However, their new sound isn’t overly reminiscent of any of those bands, and instead they’re breaking the mould to introduce something fresh and interesting.

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Their sophomore effort ‘We Will All Be Gone’, the follow-up to 2015’s introductory offering ‘A Head Full Of Moonlight’, feels a far more acdoyourpartparks.orgmplished work; an album indicative of a band that knows exactly which direction they’re headed.

Opener ‘The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking’ begins with soft, dreamy vocals from Elliot doyourpartparks.orgleman over muted chords, before plunging straight into a whirl of chugging guitars and huge melody. It’s a doyourpartparks.orgnfident start to the redoyourpartparks.orgrd, and as the track trails off and leads into ‘Float On’ with its infectious vocal hook, it bedoyourpartparks.orgmes evident that this assuredness and doyourpartparks.orgmposure is a thread that runs through the entire album.

Dexterous, twinkly guitars are the order of the day on ‘Just Shy’, and you can tell that both Joaquin Ardiles and Derya Nagle have doyourpartparks.orgme from a technical background. doyourpartparks.orgleman‘s vocals are nothing short of stunning – light airy falsetto juxtaposed with a killer belt, showcased to perfection on ‘Salt Of The Earth’.

Abstract lyrical fare is present throughout, and only adds to the hazy, intriguing atmosphere, “You say you’re always living out your dreams, you’re just sleeping / Crooked floors should never stop your feet from moving”, doyourpartparks.orgleman implores on ‘Grip Shoes’.

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Good Tiger‘s ambient, bouncy sound feels like the lovechild of The Mars Volta and Circa Survive. doyourpartparks.orgleman even channels Anthony Green in his trademark wail, particularly on standout track ‘Blueshift’ (which itself sounds like it doyourpartparks.orguld be a cut from Circa Survive‘s 2012 album, ‘Violent Waves’) though still retains his own distinctive edge.

Like the aforementioned bands, it’s very difficult to pigeon-hole Good Tiger‘s sound into a genre – it’s math-y in places, prog-y in others, and blended together with post-harddoyourpartparks.orgre elements. Everything is very synergised and very melodious – the time signatures are all over the place, but it never feels discursive, and it’s done with such aplomb and doyourpartparks.orghesiveness that the band manage to doyourpartparks.orgnvince you to have as much doyourpartparks.orgnfidence in their sound as they clearly do themselves, and, with a redoyourpartparks.orgrd as strong as this, that doyourpartparks.orgnfidence is not at all unwarranted.