The Anatomy of Hope is a Favour (Side Quest) for a Wayward soul in God of war 2018. This walkthrough will overview you to every Gullveig’s bone places in The Anatomy of expect Favour.

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Quest Giver: Wayward spirit at The Mason’s ChannelRequirement: Earliest you deserve to accept this search is after perfect the story missions “A brand-new Destination”.Reward: Týr’s waist Armour Recipe, Týr’s Offering and 1880 XP

Starting location – Region: The Mason’s Channel

The quest is offered by the wayward heart at the watercraft dock the The Mason’s Channel. Right here is its location:


Dock the boat on the beach and run directly to the West come the wayward spirit. Speak come him to cause this quest. Remember, when the quest has actually been welcomed head into your objectives tab of your begin menu and also move over to the favours tab and track the favour to gain the waypoint to present on her compass.

Recover Gullveig’s Bones

Gullveig’s skeletal #1 – board of directors of Valkyries

Get ago in her boat and sail end to the other side that the Mason’s Channel. Dock your boat on the coast to your prompt left. Below is the location on the map:


Once your boat is docked use your lightning arrows to clear the path ahead. Climb up and just right ahead on the floor will be a piece of the bones you space looking for:


Collect it and also head earlier to her boat.

Gullveig’s bones #2 – ruins of the Ancient

Sail end to the ruins of the ancient and dock your boat. Here is the ar of the ruins of the Ancient:


Once docked, head into the open up area but be cautious, over there is an old here. If you disregard the old it have to not bother you yet if you interact in a fight through it you have the right to use the huge rock in the area as protection from the Ancient’s attacks. Once you take out the ancient look in the North component of the island to find an additional piece the bone top top the floor:


Collect it and return to her boat.

Gullveig’s skeletal #3 – forgotten Caverns

For the last piece the bone sail end to the forget Caverns. Right here is the ar of the forget Caverns:


Once docked head directly ahead into the cavern in prior of you. Inside will certainly be a few wolves wait to attack. Loss them and also climb the obelisk in the Northeast side of the room. Make your means around the circle till you get to a dead end, this is where the last bone is:


Pick up the final piece and head back to the boat.

Return Gullveig’s Bones

Head back to the Wayward heart in the Mason’s Channel and also speak through him. Then the bones will become a toxicity Revenant and will likewise spawn 2 Nightmares. Take out all three enemies like you would certainly normally and also the Anatomy that Hope quest will certainly complete.

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