1) giving up usage today for consumption tomorrow accelerates economic development by

A) having actually the economy produce no customer goods.

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B) raising saving the end of disposable income. C) boosting the expected rate of inflation.

D) rapid expansion of the money supply.

2) One necessary factor the affects economic growth is

A) yellow reserves.

B) the price of saving.

C) which political party is in power.

D) the variety of workers in hefty industry.

3) follow to the text, Ethiopia probably has actually a short per capita actual Gross residential Product

(GDP) because

A) it has actually too plenty of resources.

B) it has a corruption government. C) it has a low price of saving.

D) there space too numerous skilled employees in the country.

4) financial growth occurs as a an outcome of all of the adhering to EXCEPT

A) an ext labor hours. B) growth of capital.

C) technological progress. D) much less saving.

5) A higher rate of saving must lead to

A) greater current consumption.

B) much less growth.

C) an ext investment, greater capital growth, and more future consumption.

D) a higher price level and also reduced future consumption.

6) The rate of financial growth will certainly be much faster if

A) the price of growth of the money it is provided is higher.

B) the rate of conserving is higher.

C) the rate of expansion of the population is higher.

D) usage spending is greater.

7) other things being equal, a greater saving rate

A) leader to greater interest rates.

B) means higher standards of living in the future. C) means greater standards of life today.

D) is connected with a decrease in the rate of growth of the population.

8) other things being equal, boost in usage spending implies

A) a decline in saving.

B) a decline in government spending.

C) a higher standard of life in the future.

D) that financial growth will quickly increase.

9) economic growth often tends to be greater in a country that

A) has a low conserving rate.

B) has actually an open economic climate that encourages the fast spread that technology. C) has an undeveloped system of residential property rights.

D) go not grant patents come investors.

10) when comparing throughout countries, the greater the rate of saving,

A) the lower the level of per capita genuine Gross domestic Product (GDP).

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B) the higher the level of per capita actual Gross residential Product (GDP). C) the less industrialized the country.