Climb in Balloons for balloon acts. This balloons room the largest and also strongest we sell. The climb-in balloons space extra strong and have a wide neck (17cm) in stimulate to pull the balloon over her body in all sort of acts. The balloons are used by artists and clowns everywhere the world. That is not difficult to do the act. Yet for security reasons, make certain there is always somebody obtainable to help you incase that emergency. Make sure the balloon is fully inflated.

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These balloons are also called "Einsteig ballon" or "Einsteige ballon" or "Balloon Egg"

Useful information

Fully inflated, this balloon contains approximately 3000 liters, i m sorry is 3 cubic meters.The neck of the balloon, the opening for rise in is approximately 17 centimetersExtra endurance due to the fact that this balloon is dipped many timesUninflated the balloons are roughly 52cm by 62cmThe balloons weights 400 grams The best means to inflate this balloons is v an electric balloon pump. Come be discovered under "accessoires".When inflated the easiest means to seal the balloons is using large balloon clips. Come be found under "accessoires"The balloons space made of natural latex.

How to use instructions

Please inflate slowly. If possible with a low pressure balloon pump.Do not usage a compressor because that inflating (too quick and also too high pressure).About 45 - 60 min after ~ inflating the balloon is prepared for use.Please be mindful that this balloon is mostly used by professional performers.

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Bitte langsam aufblasen,wennmöglich mit einer Ballonpumpe.Benutzen Sie keinenKompressor, da die Geschwindigkeit und der Druck beim Aufblasen zu groß sind.Etwa 45 bis 60 Minuten nach dem Aufblasen ist der Ballon einsatzbereit.
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Yes, you deserve to fill the balloons with helium. We can arrange helium for you in the Netherlands