Jakid Hawes and also Grant Wilson founded TAPS, the Atlantic Paranormal Society, in 1990 as an extension of their interemainder in the paranormal, and considering that then they have made it their life's work-related to help people or groups throughout America.

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A ghostly mystery is investigated in an armory that has actually been standing for even more than 100 years. TAPS concludes that female leadership corresponds via boosted paranormal task.

TAPS travels to Cleveland to investigate a historical roundresidence and rail yard, which they discover is linked to even more than just old trains. Their findings encompass the frightening remnants of a serial killer, horrific accidents and a destructive crash.

The Old Lake County Jail in Crown Point, Indiana, made renowned when "most wanted" gangster John Dillinger escaped in 1934, is investigated by TAPS over reports of aggressive "prisoners" reopening sealed areas and also doors.

A beautiful old inn that was when part of the Underground Railroad is investigated by TAPS to identify whether the 150th anniversary of the finish of the Civil War might be stirring spirits.
The renowned Whitney restaurant in Detroit, which was when owned by a wood baron in the 1800s, is investigated by the team. They suspect deceased household members might be haunting its halls, stirred to life by renovations and construction.
A library newly designated as a literary landmark is investigated over reports of ghostly tourists via a thirst for expertise.
The team investientrances a theater built in the 1920s, which is rumored to be haunted by a prominent New London whaling household that stayed in a mansion that once stood on the site.
TAPS investientrances among the oldest yacht clubs in the US, which is additionally purportedly among the many haunted. Included: A mom and also her kid are entangled in phenomena entailing a frightening family members from the past with a strange story to tell.
A homeowner problems that evil entities could thrconsumed her household bereason her property borders what was as soon as a cursed 1740s village. Also, a restaurant and also adjacent house seem to be connected by spirits.
A brand-new "living background event" is blamed for a spike in frightening paranormal task at Fort Taber-Ft Rodman in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
A museum director and also volunteer are worried that an upcoming Victorian exhibit could agitate entities from that time period. Joining the team on their investigation are actors Rachel Nichols and Jonathan Sadowski.
The former home of a surgeon is thshould be haunted by the restmuch less spirits of the doctor's topics of research study. Later, TAPS tries to bring peace to an 1800s jail as they enrespond to the ghosts of its long-deceased insane and indigent occupants.

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TAPS is asked to investigate a historic armory that's because of be renovated over fears that those involved have of building maybe provoking lingering spirits attached to artifacts via recorded violent pasts.