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Welinvolved r/asoiaf's Video Game of Thrones Seaboy 7, Episode 1, "Dragonstone" Episode In-Depth Post-Episode Thread! Now that some of you have actually checked out the episode, what are your thoughts?

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I chosen just how Jon taken on the Karstarks and the Umbers. It reminded me of exactly how Robert earned the loyalty of his previous adversaries and how Robb earned the Greatjon's loyalty when he can have actually had him eliminated instead.

Jon made two youngsters of excellent houses owe him loyalty instead of developing a vendetta, as Sansa's arrangement can hae produced. However, I think she is right, he demands to thank the civilization that followed him, though they didn't have actually to

I kept expecting Sansa to say something alengthy the lines of 'You've taken to ruling favor you were born to it' and also I'm glad they verified vs. told.

The totality time I was simply watching Peytr's smirk gain larger and larger as it was evident Sansa wasn't happy via Jon's decision. I'm simply hoping that Sansa won't let Petyr manipulate her against Jon.

Also, Sansa's expected to have learned to pull the strings from the background and also she's up tbelow shouting at Jon in front of all the human being he commands? Seriously? It's annoying how frequently civilization jump on the "Sansa is fucking every little thing up!" train, but in this circumstances, I can't watch how she thinks that's a great concept.

Is Bran still marked? Can't the Night King follow Bran south now? Is this exactly how the Wall comes down?

What was Bran warging once he was at the Wall surface gate?

-too many type of casual mentions of the wall coming down/wall keeping the Others out for it to stay up. And it's way too fitting to have actually it loss via Ed as Lord Commander.

-he was watching those legions of wights marching south.

If he's the Three Eyed Raven I'm under the assumption he doesn't necessarily have to warg anything to wade with the pools of time and room. He deserve to simply look and view what's up. Like what old TER did via the TOJ scene.

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if arya and the hound ever before satisfy up aacquire its going to be so fucking amazing. he currently demonstrates guilt and she has actually extremely little/nopoint holding her earlier to kill. its virtually favor theyve flipped emotionally

But they are headed in entirely oppowebsite directions. I extremely doubt they ever satisfy. I agree it would be extremely exciting, but not likely at this point


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