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I am at this time in search of a brand-new doyourpartparks.orggiver to join my daughter"s team. This task is an excellent for university students, particularly those in search of experience in functioning in any type of capacity with impairment or in the health doyourpartparks.org field. My 7-year-old daughter is petite, adorable, and really fun to work with. Any type of required training will be listed at no cost to you and also you will certainly be compensated for your time. The hrs are flexible and I don"t have to need help every day of the week. Hours deserve to be raised or decreased and I am always happy come hire added staff to to fill gaps if needed. You re welcome send me a message if you space interested. I would love come touch base v you.

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We require a babysitter because that our 1 kid in Dexter. And we"re looking now! We room traveling earlier to spend time with household for Thanksgiving and plan to work-related remotely the Monday through Wednesday beforehand. Us would like a babysitter to treatment for our 1-year-old while we are working during the day.

We are looking for a an excellent babysitter because that 2 kids in Ann Arbor. We would require both youngsters picked increase from surrounding schools (3 p.m. And also 3:45pm) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They would certainly be brought back to ours home and entertained until 5 p.m.Our daughters space 11 and also 6. The 11-year-old is blind and non-verbal and also loves come quietly hear to she music after school. Parents will certainly be working on and also off from home and also would most most likely be approximately most days.Competitive pay and open to additional hours if wanted. We room a Covid safe household and also would require babysitter to it is in vaccinated.

I"m searching for a great babysitter for 3 youngsters (6-year-old boy, 8-year-old girl, 10-year-old girl). We need assist before school to acquire our children ready and on the bus. We also need aid after college from as soon as they gain off the bus roughly 3:30 until around 6 p.m. We have a vehicle for you to drive if lock have any type of after school tasks (like soccer exercise or girl scouts). You"ll it is in responsible because that pickups and also drop-offs. Us need assist each day and are versatile if you can"t cover every times.
I"m looking for a good babysitter for 1 child, 13-year-old. You"ll it is in responsible for pickup native school and also occasional drop-offs to swim practice. Some aid preparing after institution snack would be ideal. You have to be willing to assist with homework. Hours are typically 345-5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, v some variability every week. However please use even if you can only covering at the very least 3 days every week. Occasional morning ease of access is ideal, however not required. Must have own car, nonsmoker, with great references and driving record. Will reimburse because that gas.
Seeking an sometimes babysitter near Ann Arbor because that 1 child. (4 months). That goes to daydoyourpartparks.org during the day however we sometimes need extra aid when I job-related evening/overnight move at the hospital and my husband is traveling for work. We do have actually pets (a dog and also a cat), so please think about that when applying. Also would like someone who is COVID vaccinated.
Looking for after school doyourpartparks.org for the school year for my son, age 9. Pick up may or might not it is in involved.
Looking for a part-time nanny because that our 9-month-old son.Very energetic and likes come do an ext physical things like going on walks in the stroller, practicing walking, crawling etc. Loves music. Will certainly play separately for quick periods (i. E. 15 mins). Exclusively breastfed. Dad will commonly be in ~ home. Looking for someone to administer meaningful stimulation if his mommy is at work. We do not support any form of crying it out or strictly scheduling. Baby eats and also sleeps as soon as he requirements to. Our appropriate doyourpartparks.orggiver: who who can follow attachment parenting principles and also gentle parenting principles.Additional needs incorporate light housekeeping and also meal ready for the infant if necessary.MUST be-Vaccinated-CPR trained-Non-smoker
We are in search of a an excellent babysitter because that our youngsters in Ann Arbor. We have actually 2 7-year-olds an 8-year-old and also an 11-year-old. Our main focus is sometimes on Wednesday night from 5 till 10. Us would like someone that could assist out v homework help. Us would prefer a avestor who has their very own car, who is comfortable v pets and also who is CPR certified.
We need a babysitter for our 2 youngsters in Ann Arbor. And also we"re feather now! part light tidying up would certainly be part of our doyourpartparks.orggiver"s responsibilities. We do have actually pets, therefore please think about that once applying. Duties would encompass meal prep, clean up, and also putting children down because that bed.

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