Solitaire TriPeaks football player who reap the facebook Fan web page will be happy to know that the Freebie web links are now working again – yet not fairly the very same for some people.

Before once you tapped them, they would certainly take you directly to the game, where you would certainly collect her Freebie. Through recent transforms to the way the web links are handled, the web links did not work-related as lock should, so our hardworking engineers figured out a solution!

Now when you tap these links, if lock don’t take it you straight to the game, they will certainly take you come this display here:


It may take a couple of seconds, but then you’ll view an “Open this web page in ‘Solitaire’?” pop-up message:


Tap the “Open” button, and also it will certainly take you to the game to collection your Freebies. If, for part reason, the pop-up does not appear, friend can additionally tap the “OPEN” attach in the top right:


IMPORTANT: if you’ve accumulated the Freebie in the past, you’ll obtain the “It looks prefer you’ve already accumulated this” message:


AND NOW – here are the “Missing Links!”

9/10: tide Breakers native Marina’s art Contest

9/11: Coins from society of the Week

9/13: cost-free Plays from Fortune Cookie Day 

9/14: free Coins native the club Spotlight

9/17: Shark Hooks indigenous Poi’s Puzzler

9/18: cost-free Coins for society of the Week

9/20: Wild map from Talk choose a Pirate map Game

9/21: free Coins from club Spotlight

9/23: Bomb Defusers indigenous Seahorse Scramble 

9/24: Streak Doublers from Queen Karma’s Forecast 

9/25: Coins from club of the Week

9/27: catch Torches from count the Seahorses

9/28: complimentary Coins from club Spotlight

9/30: Volcano map from TriPeaks Trivia: 

10/1: an ext Time from Halloween dispute Announcement

10/2: totally free Coins from society of the Week

10/4: wave Breakers indigenous Dr. Friki’s Creation

10/5: cost-free Coins native Player Ghost Stories

REMINDER: If you’ve already accumulated these Freebies, friend won’t be able to collect them again.