Fortnite has simply had one more Fortbyte walk live, this time #76, which is uncovered behind a historical diorama in an insurance allowance building.

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If the insurance building sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the immortal building in Fortnite"s Tilted Towers, developed on the former cursed clues where whatever was destroyed. But last season, the avoided not only devastation by a rune, but likewise by a volcano, and also now, it’s essentially the only building that has survived the change to Neo Tilted, and also it’s quiet in the very same spot it was before.

What you’re trying to find is a diorama ~ above the very first floor that the building. Not street level, i beg your pardon is a parking garage, yet the very first floor as soon as you walk increase the external stairs. Then you revolve to her right and you will check out the historic diorama.

The diorama details every the plagues that have actually befallen Tilted end the years, from the meteor strikes to Kevin the Cube to the volcano eruption.

The piece you are looking for is actually covert behind the volcano, for this reason you need to hack that under to find it, and voila, there’s Fortbyte #76 because that you.

The problem? This is a hottttt fall zone. I mean, the Titled, for this reason it’s always hot, but when ns landed here this morning there were more than likely no less than ten civilization in this building, some there because that the piece, rather there just to death everyone. Ns did control to acquire the piece however I did…not escape with my life. It is the downside of stand still to take screenshot for guides, ns suppose.

If you deserve to live with this, you deserve to go booty the rest of Tilted and try to have a regular game. However if you’re just there because that the piece, here’s a map of exactly where the ar is:



This will definitely be one of the more difficult pieces just through thin combat alone, for this reason you may want to wait on this one so it’s not day one and it’s not this lot of a mad house. But it’s as much as you, and also once you understand where that is, it have to be pretty simple to operation behind the volcano and get it.

See you the end there.

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