Dear Kings and Queens,Pack your suitcase, and don"t forget your ticket. All aboard the Forge Express! The Winter Event has returned... and boy do we have some fantastic presents for you all to unwrap!Mr. Winter, the Forge Express"s conductor, will whisk you away on a fairytale adventure in this year"s questline. Listen carefully as he recounts his tales across 70 quests. 38 rdoyourpartparks.orgh quests will be available immediately, with a new daily quest every single day of the event. Check out Kurt and Olli"s festive stories in the event"s video:
Much like last year, completing quests and logging in every day will grant you Stars which you can then doyourpartparks.orge to unwrap presents! You can also find some extra Stars in incidents around your city. This year, the presents will contain a wealth of different rewards, including old favorites from Winter Events! Additionally, each opened present will grant you a train ticket which you can doyourpartparks.orge to move the train towards its destination, the Grand Prize! doyourpartparks.orge a ticket to unwrap a track piece, which will move your train 1, 2 or even 3 spaces! Move 20 spaces to unlock the Grand Prize, and start the journey to your train"s next Grand Prize destination. Choo choo!

Click on the event banner in the top left corner to open the event. You"ll see all presents that are available on the board. Press the "Start"
button and the presents are gift wrapped and then shuffled. Each unwrapped present costs 10 Stars. Click on a present to unwrap it. Once per day, the board will be reset, and you"ll be presented with new presents to grab! This can also happen if you unwrap a "Shuffle". Each day a new Daily Special will also be available, so keep your eye out for your favorites in the bottom left corner of the event window.

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Speaking of the Daily Special, we"ve got a surprise in store for everyone in this year"s event. When you uncover a Daily Special, not only do you receive the prize itself and a ticket for your train, but you also find one of the lost reindeer! Once you have found your first Reindeer you can unlock your sleigh at any time for Diamonds, and claim its items! Help return all the reindeer to their sleigh. Each reindeer can be unlocked separately but to get yourself a better deal, collect all 9 reindeer to fill your sleigh first:

Once you"ve claimed your Reindeer collection, you"ll be given the chance to start a whole new collection and receive a new set of rewards.The cost to collect the Reindeer Collection is 2995 Diamonds. You can collect it after finding at least one Reindeer, but if you want to get a better deal, you can find up to 9 Reindeer alongside your Daily Specials before collecting. Also, the prizes in the collection aren"t set, so will be different for everyone, and can change on subsequent collections.In addition to the regular gifts, there’s also a chance you might stumble upon a special prize when you open a present. These are show two, which shows the contents of two of the unopened prizes on the Grid. Double, which doubles the output of the next present you unwrap, and Shuffle, which resets the board after shuffling it.

This year"s Grand Prize is the Winter Train, an upgradable 7x3 building with 9 levels. At level 9, you get to choose between three final looks, which each produce unique rewards. You can pick between The Charcoal Express (Black), The Sleighride Express (Red), or The Evergreen Express (Green).

But wait, there"s more! This year we introduce a brand new mechanic to the Winter Train buildings, the chain ability
. This works similarly to how set bondoyourpartparks.orges work, where extra rewards are given for buildings which are placed next to one another, but rather than the working when the building is adjacent to any set piece regardless of positioning, the train receives it"s Chain Ability when you attach the cars to the back of the Winter Train. Not only that, you can attach as many cars as you can fit to the back of the Winter Train to reap the benefits of even more bondoyourpartparks.orges. Each car adds up!The train cars can be found as Daily Specials in the Winter Event, as well as sometimes in the Reindeer Collection!

And that"s still
not all! We"re also introducing a brand new 1 x 1 building, the Tactician"s Tower. This building gives an attack boost for the player"s defending armies. This building will also be upgradable with two levels.

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And of course, as with every event, completing the quest line will grant you two new avatars befitting the stories told.
The Winter Event will last until the 2nd of January 2020. We hope you enjoy this wintry event and the new buildings!

Your feedback is always very important for, so don"t forget to comment here!Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!Yours,The Forge of Empires Team