RSE CCNA 2 chapter 6 Quiz answer 2018 2019

Which distinct kind of VLAN is provided by one administrator to accessibility and configure a switch?

default VLANnative VLANdata VLANmanagement VLAN

A monitoring VLAN is provided to remotely accessibility and configure a switch. Data VLANs are provided to different a network into groups of users or devices. The default VLAN is the initial VLAN every switch port are placed in once loading the default construction on a switch. The 802.1Q stems port places untagged web traffic on the native VLAN.

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Which step should be performed first when deleting a VLAN that has actually member switch ports?

Reload the switch.Implement the command delete vlan.dat.Reassign every VLAN member ports to a various VLAN.Backup the running-config.

Before deleting an energetic VLAN, the is recommended the all ports at this time assigned together a member of the VLAN be reassigned. Any port the is a member the a VLAN the is deleted will come to be unusable.

Match the activity to the matching command. (Not all alternatives are used.)

assigns VLAN 10 because that untagged web traffic —> Switch(config-if)# switchport trunk native vlan 10activates the existing interface as trunk —> Switch(config-if)# switchport mode trunkprohibits VLAN 10 ~ above the trunk user interface —> Switch(config-if)# switchport trunk permitted vlan eliminate 10

Refer to the exhibit. I beg your pardon implementation of inter-VLAN routing walk this topology use?

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The gig0/0 user interface does not support inter-VLAN routing.The no shutdown command has not been configured.The IP deal with on CiscoVille is incorrect.The encapsulation dot1Q 20 command has actually not to be configured.​

The measures to configure inter-VLAN routing have to be perfect in a particular order. Prior to configuring one IP attend to on a subinterface, the encapsulation dot1q VLAN_id command need to be specified first.

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In which place are the normal variety VLANs save on computer on a Cisco switch by default?

flash memorystartup-configrunning-configRAM

Normal selection VLANs are stored in a document called vlan.dat and also located in the flash memory.