I told you once yet I will say it again,When girlfriend live the flesh, it"s the beginning of the end.It will take friend in, it will certainly spit girlfriend out.Behold the flesh and the power it holds.Passion is a poison laced with pleasure bittersweetOne of numerous faces that hides deep beneath.It will certainly take friend in, it will certainly spit girlfriend out.Behold the flesh and the power it holds.Touch, taste, breathe, consumedDéjà vu, already knew from the an initial encounterBut now I know to allow goOf words come speak no more.Like a wind upon her faceYou can"t see it however you recognize it"s there.When beauty reflects its ugly face,Just it is in prepared.Passion burns prefer fire lugged by the wind.The finish of a time, a time come begin.It will certainly take friend in, it will spit you out.Behold the flesh and the power it holds.It"s develop you up one means and tears girlfriend right ago down.A time to begin, the finish of a time.It will take friend in, it will spit you out.Behold the flesh and also the power it holds.Touch, taste, breathe, consumed.Déjà vu, already knew native the very first encounterBut now I understand to let goOf words to speak no more.Like a wind upon her faceYou can"t see it yet you understand it"s there.When beauty reflects its ugly face,Just be prepared.Today"s poem is not strictly a poem, but rather, lyrics from a source that may surprise you. This is just one of my favorite songs through the tape Death, the American metal band that arguably room the progenitor of death metal. The band was thrust by late front man Chuck Schuldiner, who apart from offering guitar and vocals, was the band"s main song writer and lyricist. Before we go on, reader, ns urge you to approach this music through an open up mind; i am challenging you to discover value and beauty native a source about which most (especially poetry lovers, ns assume) know very little, and also find off-putting, if no downright repellent. One an obstacle inherent in presenting lyrics together poetry encounters line breaks and also punctuation. Due to the fact that I carry out not have liner notes or various other official products with me, I had actually to usage a little of creative license in presenting the lyrics here for you. The is mine hope the I"ve represented Schuldiner"s lyrics accurately.The poem, together I will henceforth refer to it, deals with the strength that "Flesh" stop over us emotionally, and the risks of a hedonistic lifestyle. People being organized in thrall come the allure that the body is among the oldest themes we know of. Sensuality has regularly been portrayed with an waiting of danger around it. Beauty deserve to be destructive, and that is the main thrust of the poem. The beginning is aggressive, with the narrator asserting that he has already warned usabout this danger. Clearly he states, "When friend live the flesh, it"s the beginning of the end." Essentially, if her life is live purely for the services of bodily pleasure, of fleshly fulfillment, it"s over. The is the start of the end.The chorus, "It will certainly take girlfriend in, it will spit girlfriend out. Behold the flesh and the power it holds" suggests the strength that Schuldiner knows the meat has. We become consumed by it, discarded by it. Lust is a pressure greater than we have the right to hope to contain by ourselves, and also humans room chewed increase by this machine. "Behold" that power! appreciate it. Know it. Avoid it."Beauty" is illustrated as having actually an "ugly face." Obviously, this refers to the disastrous effects that a life lived purely for pleasure deserve to have. The side impacts of living for transient meat beauty space destruction, and also the repetitive chorus would have us believe. That beauty is constantly there, the temptation is constantly lurking, "like a wind upon your face." It"s other felt, if not seen. If it may feel gratifying "("it builds you up", "it will certainly take you in") that is eventually like Fortune"s wheel, in the what that gives, the takes away ("it will certainly tear friend down", "it will certainly spit you out.") the is a fire the spreads on the wind, burning things in its path. If this does lead to chances for new creation, ns hardly think that positive outlook is the main takeaway of the poem.I feel that the city is clear and also easy come understand, no straying too much into the realm of the abstract. The premise that the poem itself might be slightly much more unfamiliar, with "flesh" acting as a stand in for physical pleasures the lust and hunger, and beauty being personified together an ugly damaging force. If Schuldiner is warning the listener to the threats of the flesh, he"s additionally deeply reverent of its great power. It"s a tiny like stand in awe that some great and terrible machine. It"s dangerous and also you know you need to strive to prevent it, but you cannot help but feel like magnetic pull towards it.I think this is why the musical style, i m sorry is dark and also aggressive, fits the poetic content so well. The opening etc riff is dark and looming, covering wide distances in dissonant intervals. By the time the vocals come in, the tempo has actually quickened, producing a somewhat frenzied atmosphere. This is perfect by Schuldiner"s vocals; his voice is a high, raspy scream. Despite the strained, screamed aesthetic, his vocal distribution is also clear and also controlled, do the lyrics easy to understand. I hope that through the text I"ve provided, you have the right to make that through.This is the part you have actually likely been dreading, my reader friend. I have actually attached the song for friend to listen to, and I understand the expression "death metal" deserve to scare numerous away, However, I know that you, the good reader the poetry, method all things with an open mind. You, gift a cultured person, deserve to appreciate value and also artistry also in points that you do not subjectively choose or gain on a surface ar level.

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I think over there is a actual power and also catharsis in this kind of music the is not obtainable by various other means. Listen, brave reader!