There room three master tier caster classes, with the most obvious selection being the Gremory. While the Gremory doesn"t have any kind of Tomefaire abilities, it does dual the offers of every spells, making the a fine an option for any type of caster... Noted they"re female, as males are excluded. The various other two classes space Dark Knight and Holy Knight, which space the highest tier course male casters deserve to aspire to, and noteworthy for the fact that they allow casters to mix magic through the mobility the a mounted class - and the "Canto" capacity that all placed classes invariably have. This permits Dark Knights and also Holy Knights to carry out hit-and-run magic attacks, noted the terrain is favorable.

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The stat and stat growth rate differences in between the Dark Knight and Holy knight are reasonably trivial, the holy Knight has much more HP and also RES while the Dark article has greater MAG and also DEF, and also the divine Knight"s LCK and also CHA growths room superior when the Dark Knight"s STR expansion is higher. Both classes have the right to use any spells the personality possesses natively - yes, a divine Knight can use black Magic and also Dark Magic just and also White Magic - but the Dark Knight profit "Black Tomefaire" and also "Dark Tomefaire" when the divine Knight gains "White Tomefaire" and also "Terrain Resistance".

Finally we have actually their class mastery abilities, no of which room terribly impressive. The Dark Knight has actually "Seal Resistance", which imposes a -6 penalty to the target"s RES because that one turn if the Dark knight deals damage to them, when the divine Knight has "Defiant RES", which provides them a +6 bonus to RES if their HP are listed below 25%.

Suffice come say, these 2 classes are much more similar climate they are different. Both have the right to use whatever spells the caster natively possesses, both acquire Canto for hit and also run attacks, and also the stat distinctions are fairly trivial, so friend should just let the character"s herbal strengths in confidence and/or factor decide i m sorry of these 2 classes come pick, if either.

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The big bother with both of this classes is, that course, the skill needs - Lance rank C and Riding rank A aren"t something most casters will normally acquire. Noticeable hybrids (Felix and Sylvain, for example) could seem more viable, yet unless they have an excellent MAG scores (which is through no method guaranteed for them), there"s small reason to donate Dark article or holy Knight over Paladin. Lorenz and also Marianne are more than likely the most evident Dark Knight/Holy knight combo in the game because of their skills (both are strong in Riding, Lorenz is solid in Reason and Lance, and also Marianne is strong in Faith and has a hidden Talent in Faith), and also both are much more likely to have actually a high enough MAG score to both, with Lorenz being among the an ext likely hybrids in the game. Because that Marianne"s part, just due to the fact that she has bad STR doesn"t average she can"t usage a Levin Sword, the Frozen Lance combat art, or Blutgang, depending upon what you have actually at her disposal and your inclinations.

SkillsUsable SkillsSkill XP Bonus
Class AbilitiesMastery Bonus
Canto Defiant RES
White Tomefaire--
Terrain Resistance--