EP 1 … and also Into the Fire

Trapped in last Space, The Team formation confronts the horrors of Invictus and also the Titans and also now the just thing that matters is survival.

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EP 2 The concealed Light

Gary and Quinn encounter Earth’s last survivor and search for a ship so that they deserve to save the others lost in final Space.

EP 3 The Ventrexian

Final space is an intergalactic room saga around an astronaut named Gary and Mooncake. Follow their adventures as they embark top top a pursuit to unlock the mystery of final Space, the ar where the entire universe ends.

EP 5 every the moment Lost

As the crew flees native the lord Commander, they lighfold right into the orbit the a mysterious black color Hole that intimidates to to like them right into oblivion.

Final think S2 E1

Olan Rogers (Creator) and David Sacks (Executive Producer) walk v the complicated task of picking up native Season 1's devastating finale. The crew introduces final Space's brand-new cast members and Gary's brand-new ship.


Final think S2 E3

The computer animation team discusses Ash's troubled backstory and also how they carried Serepentis come life.


Final thoughts S2 E6

Olan and team discuss the origins of Final space and introduce a brand-new menacing pressure – Invictus.



Final thoughts S2 E2

The crew walks through Season 2's terrifying new villain and discusses Gary's happy place.

Final think S2 E10

Olan and team malfunction Gary's pact with small Cato and Sheryl's troubling backstory.

Final think S2 E9

The Final an are crew discuss Chapter 19's tragedy and also the power of Invictus.

Final thoughts S2 E8

Olan and team talk about the intricacy of time travel and also the delight of bringing back an old friend.

Final think S2 E7

Olan and team discuss Nightfall's ill-fated romance and the fear behind an ext KVNs.

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