After 10 year of waiting, the last product that Final Fantasy XV has finally reached the hand of fans. Launched with the slogan “Happy ending for fans”, last Fantasy XV is the 15th installment of the renowned Final Fantasy series, and also each version consists of a distinctive story. So, will last Fantasy XV proceed the success of the ahead versions? Or is this the best role-playing game of the year? Let’s check out this outstanding video game with me!


Ten-year is a lengthy time for a lifetime. Because that games, ten-year is longer than that. That period was sufficient to witness how numerous ups and downs the a game line, the whole game industry. Some games wait after every this time, also longer than that, to see the sunlight.

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In 2006, at E3 Square Enix, the huge of the Japanese gaming industry, famed for the legendary last Fantasy series, announced a collection of projects. Those room the three brand-new Final Fantasy games that use their Crystal devices engine because that the brand-new console.

And as an interesting association, they gave the three titles a usual name: “Fabula Nova Crystallis final Fantasy”, the final Fantasy stories revolving approximately the an effective Crystal stones.

Those three games have every been released, return their paths are an extremely different. Final Fantasy XIII exit in 2009 because that PS3 and Xbox 360. Final Fantasy Agito XIII renamed last Fantasy Type-0, to be released in 2011 because that PSP.

And finally, the game probably went through the most arduous trip of all three, perhaps the most expected game – last Fantasy matches XIII, ultimately seeing the sunlight in 2016.

At the time, it was no longer final Fantasy matches XIII. It came to be Final Fantasy XV. So, after ten years of waiting, what execute we suffer with final Fantasy XV?


First, I have to confirm that i finished play the materials of the final Fantasy XV storyline. I had actually 30 hrs of splendid experience. And I certainly would not regret every minute i missed the end in this game.

Building in an open up world, the finest thing in last Fantasy XV is enabling players to move freely and explore the map. This makes last Fantasy XV highly appreciated contrasted to previous titles.

Indeed, final Fantasy XV introduces players to a civilization so beautiful, for this reason beautiful the players deserve to feel like they are traveling, not just as straightforward as before playing the game.

The beautiful people in final Fantasy XV renders you feel “crushed” top top this game the very first time you play it. Uneven a game, it renders you feel favor you room watching a movie.

You deserve to run openly in the huge deserts, extending without endpoints, or clock the beautiful s view from above on the passes. The is actual life in Europe. The discovery factor is offered priority to do the player feel much an ext excited and interesting than the original experience.

The map in the video game is big and difficult to uncover the endpoint. When moving here, you can encounter gigantic monsters, an effective and really challenging. Not only that, but a series of hidden missions and in-game side results are likewise scattered transparent the map. Find them through yourself.

Although this is the second time aspect is included in a final Fantasy game however this provides the experience of final Fantasy XV so much much more interesting.

You will require to finish the work in the morning to conserve time, when the evening of the map will become more difficult and more dangerous. That is very difficult to see the roadway in the dark.

Moreover, the player will have actually to manage the vehicle himself without gift able to collection Auto mode. Besides, strong monsters will additionally appear in the evening.

As we all know, the plot of the last Fantasy XV revolves roughly the main character Noctis – the prince the the kingdom the Lucis. Lucis’ trip in the world of final Fantasy XV takes location up come 10 years prior to this guy has enough power to return to regain his throne.

Because the is constructed in an open up world, the stare in last Fantasy XV is open, permitting players to pick their own goals, no to force the player to follow a certain direction as in other final Fantasy games.

Especially, players can additionally choose different decisions in details situations, such as whether castle can assist NPCs resolve their problems.

The developer added many brand-new options and content to final Fantasy XV to offer players a much more enjoyable final Fantasy XV experience and also make us temporarily forget the rather boring fight mechanism in the game.

To play the key storyline, players will only should spend around 30 hours only. However, after perfect the storyline, there will certainly still it is in a lot of other contents for football player to explore. Even starting another brand-new Game makes the experience of last Fantasy XV much much more attractive and also interesting.



Each game has its very own unique and also interesting features. Permit me display you a few cool things around Final Fantasy XV!

Action-packed Gameplay

The fight system the XV is dubbed the energetic Cross Battle. Every little thing happens in real-time, for this reason the tempo of the war is intense, requiring players to manipulate quickly.

During the game, the video game only allows us to control a single person – the main character Noctis, other personalities all pat a sustaining role. Since of that, they construct the entire gameplay system approximately Noctis and his skills.

Noctis’s fight system has actually two vital areas: solitary combat accounts greatly in battles and also coordination with another character. Regarding solitary combat, Noctis will use different weapons to strike the enemy.

In the game, there will certainly be no need to combine multiple buttons come create facility combos. Simply press and hold the attack button, Noctis will automatically deploy the combo sequence based on the weapon used.

Besides, Noctis additionally has a special capacity that only he has – the capability to Warp Strike. Special, Noctis have the right to lock ~ above enemies, usage Warp Strike to throw tools at the enemy and immediately move instantly to it and launch a blow through high damage.

The additional the distance, the much more damage Warp strike does. Also, Warp Strike can be provided to aid Noctis out of danger, or in particular terrains through Warp Points.

When Warp reaches the location, Noctis will immediately restore sufficient MP bar and also increase the HP rejuvenation rate. Warp strike is a advantageous mechanism and also has a really important role in the gameplay.

Besides single combat, Noctis can additionally coordinate with other party members. When fighting, the 3-level energy bar ~ above the left that the screen fills up. Noctis deserve to use that energy to combine strikes with a particular member.

Each special move like the will price a different amount of energy, but its benefit is high damage.

The constant weapon system of XV is simple with typical weapons together as lengthy sword, a gigantic sword, dagger, pistol, spear or shield. Noctis deserve to equip them or provide his friends stronger weapons to make the battle easier.

He deserve to equip 4 various weapons simultaneously, consisting of magic, and transferring tools is an extremely flexible and easy.

Besides these typical weapons, Noctis has its own collection of 13 one-of-a-kind weapons called “Royal Arms”. They are weapons that the previous Lucis queens with special shapes, good damage and can boost the stats because that Noctis.

Because of together strength, the downside of the imperial Arms is the if they use them to attack, the weapons will drainpipe Noctis’ blood. So, world will just equip royal Arms to boost their stats yet rarely usage them.

Besides, when enough Royal arms is collected, the game unlocks a special attack for Noctis – the Armiger skill. Meanwhile, Noctis will summon every existing imperial Arms and continuously strike enemies with really nice effects.

The much more Royal Arms, the greater the damage from Armiger. So, the player will be motivated to collection all 13 units.


A Mysterious and also Charismatic magical World

One element indispensable in final Fantasy is magic, and also Final Fantasy XV is no exception. However, in XV, there will certainly be no usual jobs in old last Fantasy gamings such as black color Mage, White Mage or Red Mage.

The spreading of magic in XV to be much various when using magic without spending MP. To use magic, we will have to craft them native the materials accumulated in the XV world.

XV has 3 species of elemental because that magic: Fire, Ice, and also Thunder. Noctis will certainly collect these elements at storage points, usually approximately campsites or part special locations in the city.

Having enough materials, Noctis have the right to craft spells. This facet of the game is comfortable when you can only handmade pure magic to attack but merged with items to cast spells with special abilities.

Final Fantasy XV is a JRPG game. So, collecting endure points (EXP) come level up and increase stats is indispensable.

However, choose the recent final Fantasy games, this levelling mechanism is no longer taking EXP and skill points and including the very same stats as standard RPG games.

Square Enix constantly knows how to refreshing this old and also familiar mechanism. If in FFXIII we have the Crystarium system, so in FFXV, we have actually the Ascension system.

In a nutshell, besides the EXP earned to level up and the stat will boost automatically, we likewise gain AP point out to add to the Ascension system. There are plenty of different skill frames in the Ascension mechanism to fit each player’s layout of play.

For example, those who prefer to beat solo with blood will emphasis on Noctis alone. And those who favor to pat in the kind of team-up tactics will pay fist to the an abilities for teamwork. There space also an abilities to boost HP, MP, increase attack power.


Delicate like the really World

The entire human being of FFXV’s Eos is very wide. Instead of forcing football player to run, the game gives Noctis and friends a luxury supercar owned by the royal Lucis – Regalia supercar.

No exaggeration, sit on Regalia occupy fairly a most time when playing games. So numerous times I thought this life Noctis has actually nothing rather to do but sit and also listen come music and also travel in the car.

It is likewise worthwhile because the breakthrough team has worked hard to create an Eos people with numerous majestic and also magnificent landscapes. They make the trip in Regalia vehicle not boring in ~ all.

Besides sitting in the car, girlfriend can also explore Eos top top your own or with a Chocobo. Later in the game, the role of renting a Chocobo is unlocked.

Everyone will spend hours and also hours on concrete roads or in the deep forests and wonderful Chocobo. The experience of talk a Chocobo deserves to be the many fun in the whole game.

FFXV also included some trivial points to spice up the game. These space the everyday an abilities or hobbies that the characters.

With a group of 4 main characters, Noctis has a fishing hobby. So it can be said that Noctis’s fishing scenes are FFXV mini-games.

Gladiolus’ survival skills help united state pick up some advantageous items prefer Potion or Elixir. Prompto has actually a hobby for photography, the much more he takes, the more skills that has and the an ext artistic the photos are. Ignis likes come cook, FFXV has actually reproduced the food honestly and also looks an extremely attractive.

It is additionally interesting to view the personalities gathering about the fire and also enjoying the dishes. Already.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I deserve to say final Fantasy XV to be a an useful experience. New gameplay, interesting and attractive. The open world is enormous, return the side quests mechanism is not an extremely well matched. It has actually beautiful pictures, eye-catching and good music.

Anyway, if ns ask if I favor XV or not, I will certainly say yes. Final Fantasy XV is arguably the most addictive game in the entire Final Fantasy series.

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You will certainly not only play to clear the island but will almost feel addicted come this game. The feels favor if you just need to be free, girlfriend will immediately turn on the device to play last Fantasy XV.