Classification: BeastLv: 99HP: 4,000,000MP: 10,000Resistances: Immune to all.

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Ifrit attack Pattern:

Incinerate→ 220% ST Fire Magic Attack• Vulcan Burst→ 130% AOE Physical strike with 50% opportunity to paralyze• Eruption → 200% ST Fire Magic strike with -50% attack Debuff because that 3 turns• Radiant Plume → 500% AOE Fire Magic assault with -50% Fire Resistance because that 3 turns

Ifrit encourage Party:

Tank – Cecil• Healer – Y’shtola or healer that choice.• Support – Ling• DamageDealer – Firion• damage Dealer #2 – Yun, Noctis, Luneth, Randi, Firion #2, Cupid Artemios

Ifrit fight Strategy:

1st Turn:Make sure your healer/support can actors Barfira. Have actually Cecil cast SPR Buff. Ling has to debuff the opponent from ATK. Your attacker should emphasis on draining Ifrit’s MP with Lance.• 2nd Turn: Make Cecil use Bushido-Freedom on your allies to remove Fire Debuff native Ifrit. Use Ling come revive any party members or continue to debuff ATK/MAG. The Healer have to cast an additional Barfira and also Curaja. Have your attackers proceed attacking.• 3rd Turn:Ling will proceed to buff your party and also unbuff Ifrit. Continue attacking.• 4th Turn and Above: Healer casts an additional Barfira. Cecil will certainly cast an additional SPR buff and debuffs come Ifrit. Continue attacking and also healing her party.

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FFBE in march on Ifrit included Information and Guide:

Bring 5000HP or over units into battle if you’re walking to challenge Ifrit top top ELT level. Over there is a time border for you to kill Ifrit. The points will count on the damages you’ve dealt and the time. For example: top top PRO challenge with the max clues of 2400, you handle 82% that damage and also didn’t regulate to kill Ifrit,For example: ~ above PRO difficulty with the max point out of 2400, you handle 82% that damage and also didn’t regulate to death Ifrit, your points is computed as: 2400 (max points) x .82 (damage dealt) = 1968 (total points did you do it earned).Ifrit also levels increase everytime you kill him. That adds second 8% come your complete points. Here’s an example of the computation in ~ ELT an obstacle with a max of 7,000 points and a level 15 Ifrit:Example:You weren’t able to death a level 15 Ifrit however managed to transaction 52% damage. At ELT level the max points is 7000. Here’s the computation: 7000 x 52% = 3640 points. But you’ve regulated to carry Ifrit come level 15 (meaning you only defeated him in ~ level 14), the bonus computation is 14 x 8% + 100% = 212%. Your complete base points multiplied by bonus points: 3640 x 212% = 7716 last points earned.