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Pushing right into the future, much Cry new Dawn introduces a number of brand-new crafting products to make usdoyourpartparks.orge of. In the later on stdoyourpartparks.orges that the game, Circuit board become much more and more valuable together a crafting ingredient, but they’re also pretty tough to get hold the if you don"t recognize how. Friend won’t simply uncover Circuit Boards when scavenging the world, therefore in this overview we’ll teach you whereby to acquire Circuit board in much Cry new Dawn.

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Where to acquire Circuit boards in far Cry new Dawn

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The main means to obtain Circuit plank in far Cry new Dawn is through Expeditions. Unfortunately, searching high and broad won’t net you these an important parts. The good news is that if you’re at the phase where you have to collect them, you’ll be well past unlocking the capability to take on Expeditions.

If you’ve no taken on an expedition before, watch on your map because that the rapid Travel suggest in Prosperity. Here, speak to i get it Cadoret to collection out on an expedition which will likewise open up brand-new fast travel points top top the map. He’s stood under a gigantic banner analysis “Expeditions” in ~ the helipad, for this reason you yes, really can’t miss out on him.

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The very first Expedition you finish will reward girlfriend with, amongst other things, 15 Circuit Boards. This is much more than enough to do an upstream weapon, however you’ll most likely want much more than that so make sure to set out on more Expeditions together you play. Each exploration can additionally be beaten twice. The first time ring will provide you 15 Circuit Boards, if the tougher 2nd run sponsor 20.

Finally, it’s also feasible to acquisition Circuit Boards from the in-game shop for actual money, however there’s yes, really no factor to perform this uneven you don’t really gain playing the video game in the an initial place.

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Explorations are one of the best parts of brand-new Dawn, so girlfriend might too have fun with them when you develop up a stash that Circuit Boards come spend.

There’s more to find out with far Cry brand-new Dawn than how to obtain Circuit Boards. We have much more guides easily accessible to read such as exactly how to walk fishing, so have actually a browse!